Even before news broke that O.J. Mayo received a 10-game suspension for violating the NBA’s anti-drug policy, the Grizzlies made contact with Jason Williams. Yes, J-Will. The Griz are interested in bringing the point guard back lớn Memphis after he clears waivers. Orlando released Williams Wednesday night. The Griz only want lớn make sure that there are no medical/injury issues dogging the 12th-year veteran.

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Facundo Campazzo and Mavericks in serious discussions for deal


Tom Orsborn: In talking about how coaches learn from each other, Pop said he picked up some things from a former assistant this summer: “I went to lớn Ettore Messina’s training camp in Milan và came back w/ some things I hadn’t thought about before. We all do that if you want lớn keep moving on.”

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Ettore Messina, Euroleague, Gregg Popovich, Olimpia Milano, Training camp, Uncategorized

Ettore Messina, Euroleague, Gregg Popovich, Olimpia Milano, Training camp, San Antonio Spurs

As the regular season approaches, House Jr. Opened up on his role with the team và he discussed what he is expected to do out on the floor. “My role is just to be energy,” he told reporters in Cleveland. “Be the guy to make stuff happen. Make plays happen, make a shot, knock down a shot, get a rebound, pass the ball, mix the play up, run the play, phối the screen, whatever the team needs pretty much. I’m just here khổng lồ give away myself. Lượt thích I said earlier, I’m not really worried about accolades. As long as we win, I feel like that’s my biggest accolade.”
NBA on ESPN: Watch Jaden Ivey this entire clip. Never gave up on the play
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