Active Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus Không Cần

I have Office năm 2016 Professional Plus. I have a product key. I cannot activate. I called & got a case number 1420317708 but when I điện thoại tư vấn now I can"t talk to anyone. It tells me lớn go here. This is important due to lớn my college. It tells me it cannot find the product key. I know it is correct. Can anyone help me?

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Hello,Lets try this activation troubleshooter:https://tư vấ does not works try the below options:Resetting Office activation xuất hiện Commvà Prompt and navigate khổng lồ the following folder C:Program Files (x86) OfficeOffice15 Or Office16C:Program OfficeOffice15 Or Office16Run cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus Observe the results và uninstall each sản phẩm key cscript ospp.vbs /unpkey: After the above actions please vì chưng the following:Uninstall Office Complete Office:https://tư vấ Office:

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Good for you for getting a ticket number. That is always a good idea. Yes, MS phone support does shut down "at night" ... go figure. On this forums we are volunteers, not MS Employees so the actual ticket number is no use to us. Who did you điện thoại tư vấn, "Normal" MS Support? They are pretty clueless about activation issues.Before you gọi for tư vấn, double check your product key one more time. Look very closely, make sure you did not misread any of the digits. If you did all normal MS support next time try doing a "Phone Activation". ACTIVATION PHONE SUPPORT - PHONE ACTIVATEIf you have an activation specific error, ie things lượt thích “invalid” or “blocked” hàng hóa key, you specifically have sầu to contact the “phone activation” tư vấn reps. Apparently “normal” tư vấn has no way of transferring you khổng lồ them … The process you need lớn follow is rather round about:•Start normal activation, •select phone activation option, •this will display appropriate phone number for your geographic location.•Phone them•bởi vì NOT reply to lớn initial prompts•wait, a long time, until you are offered the option of talking lớn a “service” rep•explain problem to lớn them•ask to lớn be transferred lớn a supervisor when front line tư vấn can’t help you 2017 01 20- “TELEPHONE ACTIVATION IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED FOR YOUR PRODUCT” ERROR WHEN ACTIVATING OFFICEThe problem started in the fall of năm nhâm thìn. In Jan 2017 a MS staffer provided the following excuse. But the problem still exists! MS oops’d, and just hasn’t bothered khổng lồ fix the problem for much too long. Go khổng lồ green link below lớn get the correct phone number for your specific geographic location >Michelle V We apologize for this inconvenience. We are currently fixing this bug in our Office products. In the meantime, you can call the numbers for your specific country/region listed in this article ( ).Please also note that this issue impacts Office non-subscribers only—those who purchased the product as a one-time purchase. For more information, see What’s the difference between Office 365 & Office 2016?If this doesn’t solve sầu the issue, please contact our support agents linked from the bottom of the same article.Again, we apologize for this issue. We are working to get this resolved quickly & will update this thread once the fix is available.Thanks,Michelle V.Office TeamGood luông chồng.
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