At times it may seem lượt thích having extended family nearby is more of a burden than a bonus. If you make a danh mục of pros and cons, your pro danh sách will end up being much longer than your nhỏ list. If you have ever lived in a place where your extended family is not close by, you will soon realize what a blessing it is to have them near you.

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Benefit #1: Moral Support

No one knows you better than your family. If you have been through a traumatic event as a family, they will know exactly what you"ve gone through & will know exactly how you feel. If you are going through a particularly joyous period, they will be there khổng lồ celebrate with you. Either way, you will have their tư vấn in good times và in bad. Who wouldn"t want their family around to lớn get hugs from on sad days và make a toast with happy days?

Benefit #2: Child Care

Many people who have children cannot afford to lớn stay home to care for them. Childcare can be very costly, so it can take some work to lớn find affordable, unique childcare. If you have extended family nearby, who don"t work or are retired, they will often jump at the chance lớn help with the care of their grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or other family members. Many times this care will be free, or maybe there some bartering that will go on. Either way, it will be a huge money saver.

Benefit #3: Monetary Support

It is said that borrowing money from a friend is a sure way to over that friendship. This may not always be true, but often it is more comfortable lớn borrow money from a family member than a friend. If you come into some money issues, extended families may be more than willing khổng lồ loan you or gift you money if the need arises. Another monetary tư vấn may be living with an extended family member until enough money is saved for a rental or khổng lồ buy a condo or house.

Benefit #4: Life Lessons

When children live near grandparents, they have a wonderful opportunity to lớn learn life lessons by spending time with their older relatives. At times, children may not want to listen to the lessons và explanations that their parents share with them. At different life stages, children try to lớn figure out their boundaries và independence, so parents may be the last ones they want to lớn listen to. When they hear those lessons & explanations from their grandparents or older relatives, they may be more likely to listen. With age comes wisdom.

Benefit #5: Holiday Celebrations

There is nothing as uplifting as spending holidays with the family. This is where traditions & stories are handed down. It gives the holiday much more meaning when extended family surrounds you. Another benefit is that the holiday meals và parties can be rotated lớn the different homes each year so that the work is shared and the chores are divided.

Benefit #6: Living History

Older family members who have gone through different historical periods can cốt truyện their first trương mục knowledge of the event. Those who have fought wars, lived through the depression, or other significant times in history are walking history books. These stories và first accounts are the best knowledge that the younger family members can be exposed to. It can also bring new respect and honor to these family members when the younger members realize what they have been through to get lớn that point in life.


Benefit #7: Medical Background

With so many diseases và medical conditions being genetic, it is of the utmost importance lớn know your extended family"s medical history. This can help with a proactive approach to lớn avoiding disease or other medical conditions. If a medical concern does arise, the root of the issue can be found by studying medical histories or talking directly to the extended family member. If a certain disease is prevalent in a family, steps can be taken before any signs of that issue even present themselves. It can make for a healthier future for the younger family members.

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Benefit #8: Confidant

Sometimes it is hard lớn find someone you truly trust with your thoughts, ideas, worries, etc. There is nothing like a trusted and loved family thành viên to share these thoughts with. If someone may be feeling some mental health type concerns, they may talk lớn a trusted family member and find out that that family member or maybe another relative went through the same thing. There is nothing lượt thích talking to someone who has gone through some similar to lớn make you feel better. Families are also protective và should be private with family issues.

Benefit #9: Unconditional Love

It is an unwritten rule that your family will love you unconditionally. Sure, problems arise, và fights occur, but when everything clears away…family is there. The family is where you should feel safe & where you should be willing khổng lồ take risks because their love always is there. If you venture out and things don"t work out, the family will be there to lớn welcome you back with mở cửa arms. Don"t take them for granted.

Benefit #10: cốt truyện Stories

One of the greatest, warmest feelings is getting together with family to recount stories & events that have happened. It could be stories of those who are no longer with you or the members who are present. You may tell those stories and laugh until you cry. With these stories, departed family members can always be with you because those memories will forever. Some family members may have different memories of events or may remember a situation that others have forgotten. It is always a warm sense of belonging, a nostalgic time when extended families get together to lớn remember & make new memories.

Benefit #11: nói qua Talents

Certain family members may have talents that they want others to lớn learn và pass down, especially if the talent is something that not many people showcase or specific lớn their culture. Having extended family nearby is a great way to lớn showcase, share và keep the talent moving down the family line.

If there is a cultural dance or type of cooking highlighted in a family, it can be shared and carried on. If there is a special creative hobby or artistic talent, it can also be shared and carried on. Sometimes these talents have a genetic component and, when shared, make the younger family member shine within the family and community.


Books About Extended Family

This isn"t lớn say that every extended family functions exactly as stated above. Issues come up. Arguments happen. It is how those problems are dealt with that makes the family stronger & happier. Some of the books listed below may help strengthen your extended family bond.

*How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk, by Adele Faber

*It"s All Relative: Adventures Up & Down the World"s Family Tree, by AJ Jacobs

*Reluctantly Related Revisited: Breaking không lấy phí of the Mother-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law Conflict, by Deanna Brann

*Genealogy Basics in 30 Minutes: The quick guide khổng lồ creating a family tree, building connections with relatives, and discovering the stories of your ancestors, by Shannon Combs-Bennett

*In-Law Relationships: The Chapman Guide lớn Becoming Friends with Your In-Laws, by Gary Chapman

*The Grandfamily Guidebook: Wisdom and tư vấn for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, by Andrew Adesman và Christine Adamec

*Positive Family Dynamics: Appreciative Inquiry Questions lớn Bring Out the Best in Families, by Dawn Cooperider Dole & Jen Hetzel Silbert

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