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Ocean Texture

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The time has come. The latest and greatest version of the mod has been launched! As you all know, this has been one of the largest mod projects ever conceived for Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms. I have been asked if this mod supports other versions of the game. The truth is that I have no reason lớn believe that it doesn't, but of course, the best experience is the way it was meant lớn be played. It is meant lớn be played with The African Kingdoms.


There may be a new expansion after this mod, but I have already done so sánh much and I am moving on lớn other projects. As always, I may return lớn this mod and add more missions, more textures, and more nội dung. But for now, I am taking a break.

Soviet Union

This has been a singular project that I have not shared with anyone and it has had a singular focus: lớn build the greatest Age of Empires II HD mod there is. In the future, there may be other mods that copy my textures and my ideas, but as long as I am given the appropriate credit and you make some slight variations, then we will be okay. You will find the tải về links below as well as a links lớn this mod on nexusmods. This is farewell, for now.

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Click the image below lớn tải về the latest version!

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Click the image below lớn see the Nexusmods page!

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How lớn proper credit

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How lớn proper credit

Other Tutorial

People lượt thích lớn play mods, people lượt thích lớn make mods and is just great. But I noticed that beginner modders fail lớn credit people who made graphics, tools...

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