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Looking for a simple and effective way khổng lồ edit your newly captured videos? Or alternatively, a cool mobile ứng dụng that can help you create brilliant pieces of animations? At last, your ultimate trio of mobile clip editor will be completed with the introduction of Alight Motion. Now, together with FilmoraGo & KineMaster, the app will be your final tool for total đoạn phim creations.

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That’s said, like most other apps, Alight Motion offers the similar options, which would allow you lớn effectively customize your in-game videos. Feel không tính tiền to make uses of the huge collection of đoạn clip editing options and features, enjoy creating brilliant videos with your endless imaginations. And most importantly, for those of you who’re interested in making animated videos, this would definitely make a great tool for the job.

Find out more about this amazing tiện ích from Alight Creative with our review.

What does it do?

For those of you who’re interested in making videos và creating animations, you can totally craft professional pieces of motion graphics and video clips with your smartphone, using Alight Motion.

That’s said the app provides a brilliant mix of tools which, users can make uses of to lớn edit their captured clip and photo footage. Or enjoy awesome features that would allow you to create motion graphics và animations. Và at the same time, create nice và refined pieces of audio và sounds.

Alight Motion: đoạn clip and Animation Editor brings the world of professional animations & videos closer to lớn the common users by enabling the useful editing tool on users’ di động devices. Here, in the app, you can have access lớn the awesome editing tools và brilliant visual effects, which can be used lớn craft your own personal cuts of videos và animations. Feel không tính tiền to capture footages, or draw right into your devices, và create awesome videos from them.



The phầm mềm is created for editing videos on most of your thiết bị di động devices. So naturally, it would work well on most of your app android devices. However, since the act of video editing would require a lot of hardware capability from your system, you’ll need to provide decent power to lớn the app for it to vì chưng its job.

That’s said, your apk devices should feature at least 1.5 of unallocated RAM to lớn be installed & run. Và to allow it lớn perform properly, your system must feature a quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, or more. And most importantly, make sure that you keep your Alight Motion tiện ích updated frequently so you won’t be missing on any of its features.

Awesome features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Brilliant tools for animations & motion graphics

To start with, for all the creative heads out there, you’re không lấy phí to bring awesome changes khổng lồ your animated library with Alight Motion. That’s said, the phầm mềm allows you khổng lồ create awesome pieces of animations and motion graphics with vector và bitmap support, which is capable of editing vector graphics right on your phone. Hence, you can easily create your favorite animations hassle-free.

On đứng top of that, the keyframe animation is also available for multiple settings, which would enhance the capability of your editor. And to make things even more easing, you can also choose certain motions from a phối of presets và prebuilt elements.

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Import your own editing materials or tải về from the library

And lớn make the editing more intuitive and accessible, game android users are allowed khổng lồ easily import their editing materials from the internal storage and the online library in Alight Motion. This allows for quick và effective editing on your sản phẩm điện thoại devices. On đứng top of that, khổng lồ assist you in creating your videos, the phầm mềm also features the quick export option which offers both MP4 videos và GIF animations. Hence, you can easily create your favorite pieces of animations và upload them in the standard definition.

A variety of interesting effects for your videos

For those of you who’re interested, the app also comes with the complete and capable editor & animation system which offers multiple visual effects for you to lớn make uses of. Start with the brilliant gradient fill effects & the complete color collection. Feel free to put on border và shadow effects on your animated items. & most importantly, you can totally use the velocity-based motion blur to lớn quickly create your animated effects. Feel không tính phí to enjoy the awesome visual effects and màu sắc corrections in the tiện ích as you thrive to craft your own animations.


Editing videos in multiple layers

As you dive into the world of clip editing & animating, Alight Motion provides the ultimate tool for effective and intuitive uses of the app. That’s said, you’ll have access to the layered settings, which offers multiple layers of graphics, videos, và audio. With these layers, you can easily spectate the entire board & make certain changes lớn each element in the video. Plus, by having the layers properly grouped together, you can easily section and edit the clip as you preferred.

Quickly save of your favorite elements

And last but not least, once you’ve gotten used to lớn editing videos và creating animations with Alight Motion, you can make the app even more convenient và intuitive by accessing its brilliant shortcuts. That’s said, it’s possible for game android users khổng lồ save their favorite elements & effects in the tiện ích into certain groups for future projects. Hence, you won’t find yourself having to work too much on the app, only a few changes can give you a completely edited piece of clip or animations.

Free to use

For those of you who’re interested in animating and creating motion graphics, you can easily find Alight Motion being không lấy phí to use on the Google Play Store. Feel miễn phí to tải về and have it installed on your mobile devices without having lớn pay anything.


Have fun with our unlocked mod

And if you’re finding the in-app purchases & ads being quite annoying, then you might want to switch lớn our modified version of the app instead. That’s said, with it, you can easily access all the available features in the ứng dụng without having khổng lồ purchase subscriptions. At the same time, have fun creating animations without being disturbed by ads. Và most importantly, feel miễn phí to make uses of the ứng dụng without having lớn pay anything. Just download the Alight Motion Pro gian lận APK on our website and you’ll be good lớn go.


Do crash and stop working on certain devices

For most of the time, the device does work properly và can help you edit animations with ease. However, there have been recorded complaints about the ứng dụng being unstable on certain sản phẩm điện thoại devices. & the worst part is that it can freeze while you’re editing, which can be quite a bump. Hence, you would want to have your Alight Motion ứng dụng updated to the latest version và enjoy the editor on a capable hardware.

Final verdicts

For those who’re looking for a quick and effective way of making animations và motion graphics, Alight Motion is certainly a great choice for portable uses. That’s said, the ứng dụng can work on most of your di động devices with little problems. More importantly, it comes with a variety of useful và effective features for creating beautiful animations. Hence, it would make a great add-up lớn your brilliant video editor collection.

Plus, with the tiện ích being completely unlocked and không tính tiền on our website, we don’t see any reason lớn now having installed. Feel free to dive into the world of creativity & enjoy creating animations lớn the fullest whenever you’re ready.

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