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Three easy steps khổng lồ join the Montgomery Ancient Mariners (ANCM) Swim Team: 1. Register with the Montgomery County Recreation Program through their on-line registration. Put "Masters" in the tìm kiếm box, scroll down khổng lồ select the number of days (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5) per week that you want to lớn swim, and click "Add khổng lồ Cart." You may swim at any of our pools and the Germantown Indoor Swim Center. You may also pay for drop-in swims (click here for more details)**.

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2. Register with USMS (U. S. Masters Swimming) through the secure online registration system. Click on "Join" in the menu at the đứng top of the home page. When you fill out the online form, be sure lớn pick "Montgomery Ancient Mariners" in the "Your Club" pick danh mục in the "Do you swim with a club?" section. If you are already signed up with USMS, you may transfer your current USMS membership khổng lồ the ANCMs.

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USMS registration is required for liability coverage & allows swimmers to participate in USMS sanctioned meets.
3. Join the ANCMs by paying the annual dues of $15, which covers the cost of equipment và supplies (team caps, pace clocks, kickboards, video clip library), coach training, communication (newsletters và website), & annual events (summer picnic, winter holiday party, after-swim brunch). It also provides extra resources to lớn hold our annual Albatross mở cửa swim meet. You can pay using PayPal (select "Send"). Click here for a listing of all swimmers currently registered with ANCMs. Congratulations! You are now an ANCM! kiểm tra our swim schedule and join us at the pool most convenient for you. If you have questions about the registration process, tương tác the ANCM Registrar (ancmregistrar
). USMS now offers a 30-day trial membership. Click here for information and application form. ** Rec Assist (financial assistance) is available to lớn Montgomery County residents. Hotline 240-777-6840 or go to for information on criteria & to get an application. Download Adobe Acrobat (free) to read the above pdf files:

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