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The second, by a remarkable collection of photographs, some from the university archives and other sources and some specifically produced for the book.

The weather variables of maximum and minimum temperature, rainfall and solar radiation were archived for every crop year.

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Even if the archives to tát which they are linked have been updated, they have not, and their context has changed.

With untiring zeal he ransacked the archives, exhumed scores of documents and edited many of them.

In recent years, artists and composers have been increasingly drawn to tát historical archive material.

Such archives allow us to tát assess the impact of world events on the individual.

The original source files must be properly archived in text format for future updating, in addition to tát the run-time application itself.

Oral accounts and archives (the files which were not pitched into the harbour) provide a much different picture.

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Current efforts include the ability to tát adapt user-specified grammars to tát work on these archived token lists.

Then there are people in the archive who grew up in complete isolation.

As the classifying and organizing of the archives continued, the catalogue grew accordingly and reached 634 pages in the 1992 edition.

The country's rich intellectual heritage is dispersed among hundreds of libraries and archives across the nation.

Without doubt there are private archives waiting to tát be identified and used by historians.

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Now it is the archive agents' turn to tát interpret the query, and if necessary to tát request a clarification or confirmation of an interpretation.

Fortunately many documents, manuscripts, and personal papers with regard to tát these questions are preserved in the archives of these countries.

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