audition là gì

Curators auditioned the files regularly and could accept or reject a tệp tin while it was playing back, making the auditioning process quick and easy.

Could this voice be the same voice we have heard asserting itself in the auditions?

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Again, modules can be connected together on a workspace, the sound compiled and auditioned.

Furthermore, her music is also not generically stereotyped in the manner of the auditions.

By their post-graduate or even fourth undergraduate year many music students intending an orchestral career have applied to tát orchestras for auditions for extra work or positions.

The agility with which music can be 'cut' in and auditioned, enables the music editor to tát readily present the director with three or four alternative musical approaches to tát a scene.

What are your experiences of auditions?

The method by which employment is achieved is usually through auditions.

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Actors need to tát be available and flexible if they are to tát continue to tát attend auditions and pursue employment within their own fields.

Our idea consists in making these auditions more systematic.

They go for auditions and engagements, spending a great khuyến mãi of time doing this kind of activity.

They also have an abnormal number of auditions because of their separate appearances in different shows.

Selection also exists within the system, with interviews, auditions and testing for music, dance, sport, science and technology, and for special needs children.

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I hope that he will include board and lodgings, applications for work, self-promotion, clothing, and travel to tát and from auditions within the definition.

Every year 800 young musicians are auditioned to tát khuông an orchestra of about 180 young people.

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