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The school's board of management had since 2009 been soliciting for re-building funds from education stakeholders and the government in futility.

A new board of management is to tướng be appointed in "due course," to tướng the college.

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I had covered all bases in school in letting the board of management know and my principal know and family obviously and umpires.

He also found that the teacher's conduct was "inappropriate and should not have been tolerated by the board of management".

A board of management has been phối up to tướng run rẩy the hall and decide on how best to tướng manage the facility.

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Even when times are tough, our people sit high on the boardroom agenda.

Control moves from the boardrooms of distant corporations and back into the community where it belongs.

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The company fitted up the space with more than thở 70 offices, two boardrooms, a kitchen and other facilities for its workers.

Women in their forties are enjoying new confidence -- in the boardroom and the bedroom.

The boardroom entrance has two sets of doors, which creates an incredible silence.