Battle realms download for pc 2021

Real-time Strategy Game

Battle Realms is a real-time strategy fantasy game created by Crave Entertainment. Actually, this game is based on the stories told in Kung Fu movies. It is a very chất lượng game in concept và execution. This game may be old but it is still very popular. The young are very interested lớn play this game.

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In this game, peasants are periodically generated from a hut and spawn from a different one each time if allowed. Rethành viên, the less population you have, the more quickly they are generated.

The peasants can bởi five sầu things such as building, Collecting resources, rice water và use water lớn improve rice growth rate or put out fires. They can also tame horses and train.



There are four clans such as the Dragon, the Serpent, the Wolf, và the Lotus. No faction has an extra building over the others but the units are drastically different from one another as there is one hidden factor, which is damage types và resistances.

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Play in Different Ways

There are four different buildings you can train them in lượt thích the bathhouse, a melee one, a ranged one, & a special one.

By training a peasant in one building you will get a tier-one unit after training another building you get a hybrid tier two unit. This is the way you have khổng lồ play.


Free Download

Download Battle Realms Free for PC such as Windows 32-bit và 64-bit OS. An old but popular real-time PC game playing with multiple peasants and enjoy lượt thích realistic moments. Here offers its lachạy thử version 2021 không tính phí download from their official site. But if you want the game full version just buy with some money.


System Requirements of Battle Realms Download 2021

Minimum Hardware Requirement

Processor: Celeron 400MHz or similarMemory: 128MB RAMGPU: 3D Accelerated Graphics Port video thẻ with DirectX 8 16MB VRAMHard Disk: 500 MB không tính tiền spaceSound Card: DirectX 8 compliant

Supported Operating system

Supports Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XPhường, Windows VistaSupports OS: 64-bit/ 32-bit và x86 / x64
Publisher:Crave Entertainment
Main Category:Gaming

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