beaches in louisiana on the gulf

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Sure, there are the famous Gulf Coast beaches throughout the Southeast. But here in Louisiana, we have some gorgeous sandy spots of our own – they’re just a little less well-known. While the Spring Breakers amass in Panama City and Galveston, such unexpected oceanside treasures in Grand Isle and Cameron Parish offer more nuanced surprises. Check out some of south Louisiana’s best beaches, and see another side of the Pelican State.

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Discover Louisiana's Beaches

Grand Isle

Travel two hours south of New Orleans, through the swamps and into the barrier islands, and turn left just before the road ends. You’ll soon find yourself on Grand Isle, a tiny oceanside town and barrier island overlooking Caminada Bay. This is arguably the most famous of Louisiana’s beaches, and for good reason. Its proximity to tát the Crescent City makes it an easy day trip for đô thị dwellers, and the redfish and tarpon fishing here – as is the case everywhere in southern Louisiana – is second to tát none. Explore the ten miles of coastline here, kiểm tra out some of the many migratory birds that temporarily Điện thoại tư vấn the island “home,” or simply lounge in the sand.  Learn more about things to tát bởi in Grand Isle and learn about Grand Isle State Park.

*Notice:  Grand Isle State Park remains closed until further notice due to tát damage from Hurricane Ida. Please kiểm tra with Louisiana State Parks for updates.

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Holly Beach

You’ll know you’re getting close to tát Holly Beach when you start seeing the clusters of houses on stilts. This beach town is about an hour south of Lake Charles and Sulphur, and it marks the western edge of what locals Điện thoại tư vấn the Cajun Riviera, a 30-mile stretch of south Louisiana coastline dotted by marshes and rivers. Camping is allowed on the beach, and the numerous rental houses and RV areas might convince you to tát stick around for more than thở just a day. Pack your fishing gear to enjoy surf fishing. This beach is also known for bird-watching, shell collecting and spectacular sunsets.

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Rutherford Beach

Located off Highway 82 in Cameron Parish, Rutherford Beach offers beautiful sites and sounds as the roar of the crashing waves come up on the shoreline. It's a great place for shell collecting on this rustic beach stretch. Camping is available on the beach and the serenity of this spot will make you feel lượt thích it's your own private getaway. 

Cypremort Point Beach

Cypremort Point State Park is trang chính to tát this picturesque beach overlooking Vermilion Bay. Windsurfing and fishing are popular here; for boat-less visitors, Cypremort Point has a great fishing pier. Overnight visitors to tát the area should kiểm tra out one of the six cabins on site. 

Fontainebleau State Park

Families and sunbathers delight in the beauty of the white sand beaches of Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville. Stunning views of Lake Pontchartrain provide a beautiful backdrop for a lazy day on the beach. Or more active types will enjoy exploring the park's sugar mill ruins, hiking the 6 miles of trail, biking the Tammany Trace or a paddle along the lakeshore. Bring the family and camp for a fun-filled weekend.