Zeldris sheathed his sword. He then saw something peculiar. Excalibur started to lớn absorb the blood & the aura around it got stronger. It looked like the blade got sharper.

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Tartenos wiped his tears and then picked up Excalibur.

"I understvà. I will live on...and fight. So..please watch over me.....Master." Tartenos whispered, inheriting the soul of Carfen.

- Present Day -

"I see, is that true?" the Supreme Deity asked.

"Yes. It seems King Carfen's student, War King Tartenos, had requested Elizabeth's services. Not Carfen. Unfortunately, Carfen refused our help and he died. Apparently, Tartenos will now wield Excalibur và rule Camelot.

He assured us that the humans, the warriors of Camelot, will aid us in our fight against the Demon Clan." Zeldris said. He was giving a report khổng lồ the Supreme Deity about his & Elizabeth's journey lớn Camelot.

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"I see. That is good. But this is also stressful." the Supreme Deity sighed.


"Rueduciel has disappeared. We found his grace. It seems he abandoned it."

"You don't think...he aligned himself with the Demon Clan?!" Zeldris exclaimed.

"It's possible. Even without his grace, Rueduciel is a strong warrior. He aligns with the Demon Clan, it's possible we might thua thảm."

"Is he really that strong?"

"Well, when Meliodas was part of the Demon Clan, the only fighter that was equal to him was Mael. After Meliodas betrayed the Demon Clan, the demons' power had decreased significantly. We would've sầu beaten them.

With both Mael and Meliodas on the side of the Goddess Clan, the Demon Clan would've sầu surely lost. But then...Mael died at the hands of Estarossa.

But we still would've sầu had the upper h&. The Ten Commandments were reduced to just five members. But Estarossa absorbed four commandments which allowed hlặng to lớn be on par with Tarmiel and Sariel.

Just him alone is equal to lớn two Archangels."

"But the Ten Commandments have been reduced lớn just Estarossa, Monspiet và Derieri."

"They might get more members. Not only that, but we have lost Meliodas. And now, Rueduciel. We aren't in a favourable position right now. Our only hardest hitters right now are the remaining Archangels, you and Elizabeth."

"What can we do?" Zeldris questioned. To hyên ổn, it seemed like the war would shift to the demons side.

"Well. One thing could help. Have you heard of Belialuin?"

"Yes, I have sầu. I believe sầ's the metropolis of sages that are neutral. They don't side with the Demon Clan nor the Goddess Clan." Zeldris answered. The Supreme Deity nodded.

"There, a child prodigy has been born."

"A prodigy?"

"A girl. Born with a most mysterious power. Infinity."


"From what I heard, it is a great power. All she needs lớn vì is invoke a spell once và she can keep flames burning và ice freezing for all eternity unless she herself undoes the spell."

"That certainly is...special."

"I'm going lớn go to Belialuin. If we can get that girl on our side, perhaps we can restore balance between the Demon Clan & the Goddess Clan."

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