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Christmas has come early for novice hackers and criminals looking khổng lồ get their share of the scam operatives flooding the Internet after someone publicly mix miễn phí not one but two dangerous malware tools in just under 30 days.

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Once available as a password protected archive sầu, the Zeus malware kit and its password was recently released khổng lồ the public - for free! And just when the underground world was beginning to lớn settle, an earlier version of BlackHole, a malicious exploit kit, was also made available for miễn phí tải về on underground forums and shareware sites lượt thích the tin tặc News.

Zeus shot lớn fame after being used khổng lồ successfully haông chồng banking data and siphon millions from those compromised accounts. BlackHole, however, is relatively new and comes by way of drive-by downloads to infiltrate targets using Windows OS và applications to steal vital data, cheat PC users out of money, and remotely control the infected PC.

BlackHole runs around $1500 for an annual license, $1000 for a semi-annual license, and $700 per quarter license. Short-term rental agreements are an option for those seeking reduced rates per project or use. BlackHole is rumored khổng lồ be user-friendly and offers an admin panel detailing success rate by vulnerability, OS, browser, và country. While the không tính tiền release of BlackHole is an older version which does not accommodate newer vulnerabilities, I"m sure many, especially novice users, will not look a gift horse in the mouth.

Attaông xã toolkits such as Zeus & BlackHole contain stealth techniques that make them self-sustaining & great money-makers fueling the billion-dollar scamming industry. It seems a no brainer that the "zero" investment is attracting newbees who want their own piece of the pie, making the malware duo a Bonnie and Clyde of modern day cyberthreats.

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Aviv Raff, CTO at security tools firm Seculert was quoted as saying, "If the Zeus leak was like giving a machine gun away for free, giving away exploit kits is lượt thích providing the ammo." That being said, what will be your weapon of defense?

While most malware not only exploits cracks in software & hardware, many also depover on human behavior to lớn help them load, install and exeđáng yêu their attacks. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case, as drive-by attacks are on the rise and are made possible by exploit kits like BlackHole, who turn legitimate websites into lớn traps for unsuspecting web surfers or visitors.

The only defense against such stealth malware is practicing good Internet safety và using good ole common sense.

Tips to consider in protecting your data and PCSelecting a reputable antimalware tool that combats stealth techniques such as rootkits & keeping it up to date. The best tools are ones who offer real-time definition updates.Staying atop of software upgrades that patch known vulnerabilities. Sadly, many users of are slow lớn patch frequently used software such as Adobe Reader and Flash, và Java.Verifying the source of dubious links or attachments.Consider Internet safety before clicking on some xinh đẹp picture or sensationalized hyperliên kết laced in germs.Being cautions when visiting unsavory websites such as porn, illegal gaming or warez sites.Do not pirate software! (Such activity is illegal và punishable by law)Be careful when downloading freeware, shareware or codecs used khổng lồ view movies or videos.

Cybercriminals are not going away too soon và with the release of không lấy phí malware tools such as Zeus & BlackHole, the cybercrime family is going khổng lồ only get bigger & that means more malware being released inlớn cyberspace. Don’t wait until it is too late to protect your data, your PC and your loved ones" peace of mind. Start practicing good Internet security today và teach your family và friends khổng lồ bởi the same.

If you are wondering who is behind the release, your guess is as good as ours. While those policing the Internet are identifying và arresting violators each & every day, money is the root of all evil & that evil is cybercrime.

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Give sầu us your thoughts on the lathử nghiệm cyber attacks & data hacks, & nói qua what steps you feel should be taken to lớn catch cybercriminals and shut down these underground forums that promote malware toolkits.

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