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one of the parts of a tree that grows out from the main trunk and has leaves, flowers, or fruit on it:
one of the parts of a tree that grows out from the main trunk và has leaves, flowers, or fruit on it:
fig. This branch of the river (= lesser part that joins the main flow) eventually empties into lớn the Atlantic Ocean.

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a branch of sth You should be able to lớn walk inkhổng lồ a branch of the building society anywhere in the country lớn deposit or withdraw money.
the executive/legislative/judicial branch The authority lets the executive sầu branch draft trade giao dịch that Congress could reject but not change.
For the arterial trunks, this is an easy matter, since the pattern of branching permits ready distinction of an aorta from a pulmonary trunk.
Thus, an enormous blochồng on a branch defined by a right endpoint can be essentially replaced by large subblocks corresponding khổng lồ left endpoints.
The former tries to delay some computations while the second drives different computations through a tree of branching paths.
Three independent branches can be seen: degeneracy has been removed by breaking symmetry through displacement of one of the jets.
The cấp độ of expression of the 6 isosize in the cells of the right bundle branch was always lower than that of the surrounding myocardium.
Structural damage to each tree was recorded: trunk snap, branch damage, bark damage, or a leaning bole.
The practice of inferring the activity of either autonomic branch from heart rate alone is outdated và unlikely to lớn be fruitful in the future.
Unlượt thích a quasi-judicial agency, this quasilegislative sầu agency was neither independent of the executive, the judicial, nor the legislative branch, respectively.
The sicula is not visible; one first-order branch divides quickly producing two second-order stipes with five sầu & seven autothecae respectively.
The notion of sectoral specialisation is supported by another branch of recent analysis which involves understanding differences in the characteristics of firm owners.
The probability of different outcomes at each branch was derived from data collected during this programme.
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