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There's a reason why sánh many people sport butterfly tattoos: these ethereal winged wonders are not only stunning, but they are also powerful symbols of transformation and freedom. And, just as in nature, the variety of butterfly designs is endless—they can be simple or super detailed, bold and brightly colored, or delicate and monochromatic. The classic style also makes for a great first-time tattoo design or one to tát get with your best friend.

Whatever your reason for wanting a butterfly tattoo, the most important part is to tát be sure of what you want it to tát look lượt thích. If you’re still searching for that perfect something, keep scrolling for 35 butterfly tattoo ideas that will help you design your next piece of ink.

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Knee Butterfly Tattoo


The shape of the butterfly’s wings looks great around circular bones lượt thích the knee. Keep the design otherwise simple to tát play up the shape.

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Minimal Butterfly Tattoo


Butterflies designs are great because they can be stylized in a number of ways. If you prefer a minimal tattoo, stick to tát a few lines—maybe even just one.

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Playful Butterfly Tattoo

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Placed behind the ear, butterfly tattoos gain a sense of playfulness, as they can only be seen from certain angles or when longer hair is pulled back. The white detailing adds to tát the whimsical feeling as well.

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Line Art Butterfly Tattoo


Because butterfly wings tend to tát be intricate, line art is a really interesting and creative approach to tát the design. If you plan on adding a lot of lines, keep the other decoration and coloring simple.

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Dynamic Butterfly Tattoo


Butterflies come in a variety of colors and designs, sánh they can easily match any aesthetic. This butterfly tattoo uses subtle shading and white ink to tát create a dynamic sense of light and dark.

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Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo


The shoulder is a great location for a butterfly tattoo, as the amount of surface area means you can make it any shape and size that you’d lượt thích. The extra space also allows you to tát add more drawn-out details, lượt thích the shadow under the butterfly in this design.

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Arm Butterfly Tattoo


The more the merrier. Placing a few butterflies along the arm gives the impression that they’re flying upward. Using a fine line style guarantees a sense of daintiness, and spacing out the butterflies adds to tát the weightlessness.

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Red Butterflies Tattoo

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Butterfly tattoos don’t have to tát be super minimal or super maximal—feel không tính tiền to tát play around with elements to tát find your perfect design. Here, the intricate butterfly line design is customized with a gradient of red and purple ink to tát add visual interest.

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Colorful Butterflies Tattoo

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Can't decide on just one color for your butterfly duo design? This rainbow combination makes the fliers feel fun and youthful.

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Shattered Butterfly Butterfly Tattoo

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Geometric designs work well for butterfly tattoos because of the ornate designs that normally appear on their wings. Sharp, straight lines don’t ruin a butterfly’s image—instead, they add a sense of contrast that feels organic. We love the duality of this design that features a traditional wing on the left and one with sharp jagged edges on the right.

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Natural Butterfly Tattoo


Rather kêu ca opting for a straight butterfly design, why not combine it with another natural element? Here, the butterfly is combined with florals, giving the tattoo delicately powerful energy.

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Weightless Butterfly Tattoo

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If you want a more realistic tattoo, butterflies can be designed to tát look as though they’re about to tát fly off your skin. With details lượt thích a large, properly placed shadow and the dynamic shading on the wings, this butterfly is ready to tát take flight.

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Thick Butterfly Tattoo


Butterfly tattoos don’t have to tát be small and minimal. Adding heavy shading or bright colors can add some bold personality to tát the popular design choice.

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Pastel Butterfly Tattoo

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Try playing around with different tattoo styles with your butterfly design. This tattoo uses pastel coloring and a technique that looks lượt thích the wings themselves are overlapping.

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Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo

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Thanks to tát the heavy đen kịt that naturally occurs on butterflies, blackwork tends to tát work well in these designs. Rather kêu ca feeling heavy, the đen kịt offers bold contrast, elevating the brighter, more delicate details.

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Chest Butterfly Tattoo


Placing a butterfly in the center of your chest makes a statement. Going for a red, smudge-y color calls even more attention to tát it, making for a truly unique ink piece.

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Delicate Butterfly Tattoo

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A collection of butterflies along the ribs feels very chic and delicate because of the curves of the toàn thân and the movement of the design.

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Add-On Butterfly Tattoo


Thanks to tát their ability to tát be any size without losing detail, butterflies are great add-ons to tát existing tattoos. If you’ve already got ink and are faced with filling an empty space, a butterfly can be just the thing to tát bởi it.

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Word Butterfly Tattoo

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Placing a word or phrase next to tát a butterfly tattoo will enhance the tattoo’s symbolism. While butterflies often represent change, endurance, or life itself, adding your own quote will give it a meaning that’s important to tát you.

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Simple Butterfly Tattoo

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Because butterflies can be easily identified when broken down to tát their basic shapes, they look really good in a line art style. Making the lines feel more sketched out gives the otherwise simple shapes a sense of personality.

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Shaded Butterfly Tattoo

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If you want to tát add some intricate detailing without a lot of color or excess lines, opt for light shading to tát add depth to tát the wings. Keep any additional details thin and light to tát keep the design ornate, but not overwhelming.

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Floral Butterfly Tattoo

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Butterflies are a perfect complement to tát a floral tattoo. Both occur in nature, have beautiful energy, and can represent life. Pairing them bolsters these attributes.

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Overlapping Butterfly Tattoo


Butterfly finger tattoos don’t need to tát be simplified to tát keep them from overwhelming the finger. Feel không tính tiền to tát add extra loops or overlapping lines to tát add visual interest while keeping it well-spaced.

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Series of Butterflies Tattoo


To play up the movement that comes naturally to tát a butterfly tattoo, go for a design featuring a series of butterflies. Place each butterfly’s wings into a different mid-flight position to tát make them seem lượt thích they’re flying away.

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Butterfly Wing Tattoo


Because the toàn thân of a butterfly is dominated by its beautiful wings, a design without the actual toàn thân can still make an obvious impact. In this tattoo, the wings almost feel more weightless without the toàn thân, as it conjures up the image of delicate dried wings, rather kêu ca live ones.

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Contrasting Butterfly Tattoo

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Rather kêu ca focusing on the inner wing of a butterfly design, try pulling attention to tát the blackwork complexities of the wing. The white details create a striking contrast while managing to tát feel natural.

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Aesthetic Butterfly Tattoo

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Butterfly tattoos don't all have to tát look the same. Try going for a more playful design that’s more about the overall aesthetic kêu ca a specific style lượt thích this adorable flower-adorned version.

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Balanced Butterfly Tattoo


Large butterfly tattoos don’t have to tát feel any heavier kêu ca tiny ones, as butterflies always have a fair amount of negative space in their design. This naturally pushes the thicker lines to tát the inner and outer parts of the tattoo to tát strike the right balance.

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Womanhood Butterfly Tattoo


Because butterflies are often associated with women and “femininity,” they pop up in designs featuring other such images, lượt thích florals or the crescent moon. Other delicate details including sparkles and dot work pair just as well.

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Wings Butterfly Tattoo

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As long as you keep the general shape of a butterfly’s wings, you can customize the design in any style you want. Here, the wings feature a Kuromi cartoon design and in the place of a toàn thân, there's an unexpected đen kịt heart.

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Personal Meaning Butterfly Tattoo


Adding a word or a phrase to tát a butterfly tattoo can underline its meaning, whether personal or symbolic. This design uses the word “resilience” to tát emphasize the butterfly’s representation of hope and continuation.

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Butterfly with Eyes

@blackninked / Instagram

This original xanh xao and đen kịt butterfly featuring wavy lines and eyes with lashes proves that even though it's a popular tattoo design, you can make sure that yours is truly unique.

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Realistic Butterfly Tattoo


If you’re going for a more realistic butterfly design, that doesn't have to tát mean using col. Instead, go for a tattoo that uses varying line thicknesses, smooth and light shading, and small bits of blackwork to tát give the illusion of depth and light.

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Calf Butterfly Tattoo

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Because the calf is such a resolute, straight part of the toàn thân, placing a butterfly tattoo there creates a contrast that makes it pop.

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Matching Butterfly Tattoo

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Butterflies are a great idea for matching tattoos. Because butterflies have such a foundational design, you can be sure they’ll look the same. Plus, they can be customized to tát any shape, size, and style, sánh your matching tattoos are unique to tát the pair of you.

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Hand Butterfly Tattoo

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Butterfly designs make for great hand tattoos because of the movement innate to tát both the insect and the toàn thân part. The wing shape of the butterfly also fits well with that of the hand, sánh the two elements harmonize with one another well.

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Flapping Wing Illusion Butterfly

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If you look at this trippy butterfly tattoo for too long, it actually looks lượt thích it's moving. This type of illusionist artwork requires a specific tattoo artist, sánh if it's what you're looking for, be sure to tát bởi your research.

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Tarot Card Butterflies

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Being that monarchs have some mythical-ness to tát them, it makes sense that they'd be incorporated in a tarot thẻ tattoo design such as this one.

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White Ink Butterfly

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You have your đen kịt ink and colored ink to tát choose from, but an often overlooked option is a white tattoo. This tiny white butterfly design is perfect for someone who's not trying to tát Hotline attention to tát their ink.

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Butterfly Add-On

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No matter what tattoos you might already be sporting, a butterfly makes a great addition without overwhelming or detracting from your current ink.