C2H4 + O2 = CO2 + H2O

First take a look at the equation và see how many elements there are, in this case we have 3 different elements; Carbon, Hydrogen và Oxygen. Lớn balance the equation start off by balancing the elements in the onfire-bg.commplex molecules first & then the single element molecules after. We"ll start with balancing the Carbons. On the left we have 2, but on the right only 1, so we multiply the onfire-bg.com2 on the right by 2. Next we look at the Hydrogen. We have 4 on the left, but only 2 on the right. To balance them, we multiple the H2O by 2. 

Now we have khổng lồ take a look at the Oxygen. From balancing the Hydrogen và Carbon, we have changed the initial equation. No looking at the Oxygen on the right-hand side, we have 4 from the onfire-bg.com2 and 2 from the H2O for a total of 6. In order to lớn have 6 Oxygen on the left as well we have khổng lồ multiply O2 by 3. Now we have the balanced chemical equation of: C2H4 + 3O2 --> 2onfire-bg.com2 + 2H2O 


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