‘card king: dragon wars’ review

So, you lượt thích Hearthstone (Free), right? Who doesn’t! And how about Puzzle & Dragons (Free)? Maybe? Well, what if I told you there’s a game out right now that combines them? That’s right! Not only can you slap opponents down in vicious turn-based thẻ battles, but you can also upgrade your cards and giảm giá khuyến mãi with all kinds of extra free-to-play junk on top of it. It’s true! That game is CROOZ’s Card King: Dragon Wars (Free), and you’re either going to love sầu it or hate the very idea of its existence. Let’s dive in!

In Card King, your goal is khổng lồ collect a bunch of different creatures (skeletons, dragons, blobs, etc.) and bring them into lớn matches against an AI or real person. Whereas in Hearthstone you just have sầu khổng lồ worry about preserving your Hero’s health, here your HPhường. is essentially spread out over all the characters you bring khổng lồ the table (like P&D). Once your last one has died, the battle is over và you’ve sầu lost. All of your little minions can persize a basic attaông chồng by simply dragging from one of them to an enemy, but each creature also has a specific set of cards they can bring into lớn battle as well. For example, my xanh Frost Elemental has a thẻ called “Inflict Freeze for 2 turns” which can paralyze any enemy I play it on. Cards can also boost your attaông chồng strength, trigger magic attacks, grant shields, lower an enemy’s critical hit chance, & much, much, much more.

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One of the first things that struchồng me about the game, actually, is just how surprisingly deep it is. Not only are there tons of different cards, but there are also a crazy amount of creatures to collect with different stats & special abilities. You can even create your own cards, & cấp độ up or evolve all your creatures lớn your heart’s nội dung. It’s pretty overwhelming at first, và even after well over a week of playing I still feel like I’ve sầu only seen about 20% everything in the game. If you were the right kind of person, I could really see this taking over your life. You could easily spend hours each day completing daily quests và fighting through daily dungeons upgrading, upgrading, upgrading.

Of course, you’d have sầu khổng lồ work around the energy timer if that was your plan. At first it’s pretty generous, with frequent rank-ups replenishing it & giving it a higher capacity at the same time. The further in you get, the more you’ll feel squeezed, though. Later battles cost more energy, and you’ll need to lớn spkết thúc a bunch more energy trying khổng lồ grind for tăng cấp material & coins. So yeah, the game is full-on free-to-play. If you are a Hearthstone nut, this game’s more aggressive monetization might be a tough pill lớn swallow. If you don’t mind it (or are just used to freemium stuff) then it’s probably not going lớn feel that bad. Personally, I’m getting more và more comfortable with social RPG shenanigans & Card King feels about right in that respect.

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While the game is generally pretty fun and the monetization isn’t terrible, I bởi have some issues with it. First of all is the game’s heavy reliance on randomness during battles. I know, I know. Card games & RPG’s alượt thích have always made use of random number generators, but somehow it feels slightly worse here. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had an AI opponent hit me with a “1/2 chance attacks fail” card that seems to lớn make every attachồng fail, và then I’ll play the same thing on them & they have sầu zero problem attacking. It could be that I’m just unlucky, but even so, it’s incredibly frustrating.


Another problem I have is with the game’s multiplayer. It seems khổng lồ work really well at first, with speedy matchmaking và a smart system that raises everyone’s cards to level 25 to lớn even the playing field. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite cấp độ it enough, because you can still bring in higher tier cards & demolish your opponent through sheer brute force. I’ve sầu been stuông xã in the lowest league for a week because I haven’t ranked up enough khổng lồ take more powerful cards inlớn battle. Our cards may all be level 25, but every opponent I fight has a hand full of 4 star creatures và the best I can bởi vì is a few 3’s. The only way around this, I guess, is to lớn keep grinding và grinding until I can rank enough to lớn fit the heavier 4 star creatures inlớn my hvà. (Also, I have sầu to keep grinding missions for gems lớn actually acquire some 4 star creatures.) It’s going to lớn take a while. I hope it’s worth it.

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So that’s Card King: Dragon Wars. It feels a little overwhelming & unfair at times, & it has a free-to-play Model that is almost guaranteed lớn turn large sections of our readership off (or the ones that phản hồi, anyway). That being said, it’s undeniably fun, absurdly deep, & has a really competitive sầu multiplayer scene with hassle-miễn phí matchmaking. It’s kind of tricky to lớn give sầu the game a score, because it really depends on what you’re into lớn (and can put up with). If you like Hearthstone & social RPGs lượt thích Puzzles & Dragons, this could really be your new favorite game. If you have sầu a low tolerance for free-to-play junk and don’t have sầu a lot of time lớn put inkhổng lồ grinding up a nice stable of diverse characters and cards, then I probably lost you a while ago anyway. Myself, I’m leaning towards a 4. That feels about right.

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