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played on điện thoại, where players lead their thành phố states through history. The game mixes authentic armor, weapons and units with a chất lượng art style và dramatic, automated battles. It’s easy khổng lồ play at the start but gets deeper & deeper from epoch to epoch. You muster soldiers và knights, cài đặt strategies & battle plans và watch at the end the bloody fight for victory. But the player is also the ruler of his thành phố and needs to lớn advance buildings, research new technology and khung alliances to lớn protect his subjects against invading forces. It’s simple but deep, authentic and fun & new, exciting experience coming in 2022!



Homeworld di động (title pending) extends Homeworld lớn a new galaxy and a new platkhung. Sign up for news here and you'll hear more from Fleet Comm& soon.

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Bachồng Homeworld 3 on Fig and get guaranteed priority access to lớn Homeworld di động.

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Idle War sets you as the commander of an army of futuristic tanks, robots và airships charging inlớn wave sầu after wave of enemies in a bid to take over more territories of a post apocalyptic earth. Download Idle War now to gain glory in idle real time strategy!


Warzone is mix in the near future và delivers head-to-head realtime strategy battles in short sessions. General vs. general, tank vs. tank etc. fighting over bases on arena-style maps while clans fight over territories. The gameplayis based on easy controls which play to lớn the strengths of the platsize, providing a greatexperience regardless of skill or experience following the philosophy easy to learn, hard khổng lồ master.

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Berlin-based Stratosphere Games is a 40-person strong game development studio formed by gaming veterans from Splash Damage, Wargaming, Huuge Games, Smilegate & Ubisoft. Stratosphere Games works with partners worldwide to lớn deliver AAA-chất lượng MMO games for sản phẩm điện thoại devices & beyond. Backed by their own development architecture, FRAMEWORK, we create next-ren experiences for your pocket, with a strong focus on high-over production values, leading-edge multiplayer features, innovate engagement và retention elements. Become part of the Stratosphere Games family, get in tương tác or play our awesome games.

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