choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence

Choose the word/phrase that best completes the sentence.

He suspected a double meaning in her words, but ______ the thought.

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  1. discharged
  2. distanced
  3. dismissed
  4. dissolved

Answer (Detailed Solution Below)

Option 3 : dismissed


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10 Questions 10 Marks 6 Mins

  • The correct answer is 'dismissed'.

Key Points

  • Let's explore the meaning of the marked word.
    • Dismissed: to decide that something or someone is not important and not worth considering.
      • Example: I think he'd dismissed bầm as an idiot within five minutes of meeting bầm.
  • Thus, 'dismissed' will be used in the blank as the context of the sentence is explaining that the person first thought that there was a double meaning in her words but later he found that the thought is not worth considering.
  • Therefore, the correct answer is option 3.

The correct sentence is: He suspected a double meaning in her words, but dismissed the thought.

Additional Information

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  • Let's explore the meaning of the other options:
Word  Meaning  Example
Discharged tell (someone) officially that they can or must leave a place or situation. Patients were discharged from the hospital because the beds were needed by other people.
Distanced to become or seem less involved or connected with something: The leader has recently distanced himself from the extremists in the các buổi party.
Dissolved close down or dismiss (an assembly or official body). Parliament has been dissolved.

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