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In recent years Cirque du Soleil has been slowly transforming from an avant-garde circus troupe vĩ đại a company looking vĩ đại expand into other forms of entertainment. Our primary goal is diversification, said Daniel Lamarre. We want vĩ đại broaden our horizons, develop new forms of entertainment, reach out vĩ đại new audiences and expand our own creative capabilities.

On Thursday, 6 July 2017, Cirque would take the biggest step yet toward this goal with the acquisition of New-York-based Blue Man Productions, a global live entertainment company best known for the award-winning Blue Man Group show. The acquisition adds six resident productions in the United States and Germany, as well as a North American and a World Tour vĩ đại Cirque's portfolio. According vĩ đại Reuters, the Cirque paid US$65.5 million vĩ đại acquire the Blue Men. Although Blue Man was quite profitable, it was willing vĩ đại give up its autonomy in favor of more capabilities and resources that it could use vĩ đại target other markets. Trung Quốc specifically came vĩ đại mind; they had even spoken vĩ đại representatives of Fosun about expanding there. It was Fosun who suggested Cirque du Soleil and when the parties met in Montreal they hit it off immediately.

With this ever-evolving self-reinvention, Cirque du Soleil decided they needed a new identity - and a new name - one that would embrace and respect their heritage while at the same time evolve with the company's new mission. A raison d'tre that now included multimedia productions, immersive experiences, theme parks, and special events. On Tuesday, 21 November 2017, in a đoạn Clip posted across its social media footprint, Cirque du Soleil would make that re-branding announcement. By creating a new umbrella company vĩ đại encapsulate "The New Cirque", Cirque would, in their own words, take the company into the future of entertainment. Thus two new distinct logos were released as part of this announcement: a modified sunburst for the CIRQUE DU SOLEIL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP (the new umbrella company), and a roundel featuring the Cirque Sun-face motif in its center, labeled CIRQUE DU SOLEIL (the circus arts brand).

"Our logo evokes the mission and values of our company," says Kristina Heney, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Director. The sun logo has shone on the Cirque for 33 years, and we felt that it could also propel us forward. The new logo of our brand, which begins in the heart of the sun, transmits our promise of quality, expertise and imagination in all the stands. It is an evolution, not a revolution." Thus, the yellow of the sun is "more paused and deliberately more sophisticated, moving away from the previous yellow," said Sheila Morin, Senior Director, Marketing Strategy and Brand. Among the changes, the lines and points are removed and there is refinement of the rays. "We have above all refined the face, ensuring that it is always as smiling, with loving and caring eyes. The cheeks are also sharper, but always in this clownish spirit which is no longer part of many of our brands, but which refers vĩ đại our history."

Cirque du Soleil collaborated with Brand Union, of the WPP group, and the creative studio Commissaire Officiel, located in Montreal, for its new brand identity. The latter has, among other things, slightly revised the typography by thinning the letters, including their closure, lượt thích the "Q".

These icons will join the other subsidiaries of the new Cirque du Soleil, like 45 DEGREES (so named after Montreal's latitude), BLUE MAN GROUP, 4U2C (a multimedia creation and scenographic design company), EGB (one of the largest privately held travel and entertainment providers in the United States), OUTBOX (a ticket platform), and other endeavors such as VR (with Felix & Paul Studios), ON DEMAND, Cirque du Soleil Mdia, and more. It would be a busy year for Cirque...

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Via the 45 DEGREES brand, the special events side of Cirque du Soleil was very prolific this year: In addition vĩ đại designing and producing the Fondation du Muse d'art contemporain de Montral's prestigious annual fund-raising sự kiện, the Bal du MAC, the Special Events team help Avenged Sevenfold (an American Heavy Metal band) and Helene Fischer (one of the most successful artists in Europe) take their newest tours to the next level; Launched REFLEKT at Expo Astana during the summer, a special sự kiện inspired by the history of the Kazakh nomadic culture that explored the idea of renewable human energy as we journey towards a sustainable future; Expanded Club Med CREACTIVE to include a second campus in the 120-acre Opio en Provence resort in the South of France; Presented STELLAR, the final chapter in the SCALADA story, over in Andorra; Rocked the Amphithtre Cogeco in Trois-Rivires (a thành phố located halfway between Montral and Quebec City) with STONE, the third show in the Hommage Series paying tribute vĩ đại Luc Plamondon; Launched the NFL EXPERIENCE TIMES SQUARE, a first-of- its-kind interactive attraction in the heart of Thủ đô New York City; and held the debut for VIAGGIO and SONOR, the first two CIRQUE AT SEA productions for the MSC Cruises partnership on board the MSC Meraviglia.

The main Cirque du Soleil brand was just as busy.

Three shows closed: PARAMOUR, Cirque's musical experiment on Broadway, closed its doors on April 16, 2017 after performing for only one year; VAREKAI, after 15 years of touring around the globe in over 200 cities and 43 countries, took its final bow on December 23, 2017; and after 19 years and almost 9,000 performances, LA NOUBA held its final performance on December 31, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. Three shows opened: SEP7IMO DIA: NO DESCANSAR - a musical revue show based on the legendary Argentine rock group Soda Stereo invades areanas in Latin America (opened March 9th); VOLTA - the "next generation" of Cirque du Soleil under the big top, based on the spirit of adventure that pervades the world of action sports (opened April 20th); and CRYSTAL - a breakthrough ice experience, becomes Cirque's very first ice show, only in arenas (opened October 5th). And a number of shows hit important milestones: The Beatles LOVE celebrated its 5,000th performance (on January 11th), Mystère celebrated its 11,000th perofrmance (on February 21st), ZUMANITY celebrated its 6,500th performance (on May 23rd), LUZIA celebrated its 500th performance (on August 12th), MJ ONE celebrated its 2,000th performance (on August 14th), "O" celebrated its 9,000th performance (August 17th), and KA celebrated its 6,000th performance (August 23rd).


Cirque du Soleil Mdia's first project brings Saban Brands (Power Rangers, Julius Jr., Popples) into the mix by creating LUNA PETUNIA, an animated production geared toward young kids. Netflix acquired the series the first episodes begin airing on Friday, December 9, năm nhâm thìn. A five episode second series began airing on July 7, 2017, a six episode third series began airing on November 17th. A fourth season was ordered vĩ đại air in early 2018. Discovery Kids announced a strategic partnership with Cirque du Soleil Images on an original English-language live action series yet vĩ đại be named. In addition, Cirque du Soleil released the SEP7IMO DIA: NO DESCANSAR soundtrack vĩ đại CD as well as #SodaCirque, a documentary about the spark and creation of the show. CDS Images also released a filming of KURIOS - CABINET OF KURIOSITIES to DVD.

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Cirque du Soleil expands its VR offerings with the launch of "DREAMS OF 'O'" and "Through the Masks of LUZIA"; brings its flagship conference - C2 International - to Melbourne nước Australia, sparking new ideas by combining talks, workshops, experimental brainstorming sessions, meet-ups, performances, braindates, labs and festivities; Enters a multi-year partnership with the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey club, granting Cirque advertisement visibility during games and a venue in which vĩ đại showcase the company's talents; and sets One Night for One Drop 5 off without a hitch a the Zumanity Theater.

And vĩ đại round out the year: after 10 years and over 4000 performances, Cirque and Criss Angel Productions announce its collaboration will culminate with the final performance of MINDFREAK LIVE! at Luxor Las Vegas on October 28, 2018. A new show - based on extreme stunts - is rumored vĩ đại take its place. This wasn't the only big news about Criss this year though. On 10 March 2017, Criss Angel lost consciousnes during an evening's performance while attempting his famed upside down straightjacket escape (while suspended by his feet). He was lowered vĩ đại the stage and rushed vĩ đại the hospital where he was evaluated and released. Shows continued a couple of days later. Additionally, Dubai Holdings announced Marsa Al Arab during the year, a new mega-project spread over a 4 million sq ft area comprising two islands on both sides of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. Adding 2.2 km of beach frontage, the comprehensive tourist destination aims vĩ đại elevate family tourism in Dubai. The project will include a dedicated theater with a capacity of 1,700 seats for Cirque du Soleil.

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