City 2048: top tips, tricks and guide

Math can make you sick sometimes. Numbers upon numbers upon numbers, and the occasional symbol or letter — what does it all mean?

When 2048 — the creation based on other number games lượt thích 1024 and Threes — was released by 19-year old Italian developer Gabriele Cirulli inlớn the thiết bị di động game world, it got even the non-mathematicians enthused. The ayên of the game? To shuffle tiles on a 4×4 grid, combining tiles of equal value until you possess the much sought after 2048 tile. It’s simple, and fulfilling — dude didn’t even have khổng lồ waste time on interface & fancy graphics — which I felt alienated 2048 from those who appreciate the art form that is beautiful graphics and a Pantone palette of colours that would make the iconic Paddle Pop ice-cream chuckle with delight.

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Ugh numbers.

Which is why visuals will always work. Take City 2048, a variation of the popular 2048 game — but just much better looking. Instead of going after the 2048 tile, the alặng of City 2048 is to lớn build a sprawling metropolis. Even if you didn’t enjoy 2048, you’d appreciate the artistic overhaul of the game: pretty pastel colours, calming twinkle sounds, & minimamenu visuals.

But pretty face aside, it’s still the puzzling and challenging game it was before. Stay và marvel at all its prettiness, and remember that you can also play to lớn win the game. We have sầu some tips to lớn help you beat the system.

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Rilek One Corner

Like many puzzle games, sticking to lớn the corner is the ultimate game plan — & it’s a good plan. To gain high scores và more developed tiles (tiles with more developed housing), push tiles to lớn one corner. At the beginning of the game, select one corner and stichồng to it. Push your tiles to lớn that corner. Practicing this strategy will make all lesser developed tiles settle naturally around your most cosmopolichảy tile.



It Takes Two

Another play-safe strategy is lớn stick together. The easiest way to lớn create bigger tiles with less effort is to have sầu more pairs lined up together. This helps in creating bigger combinations quickly, và you can build chains of similar tiles which clears the area when you combine them.

Don’t Sweat The ‘Bigger’ Tiles

If you’re starting to lớn make high-rise buildings already, good for you. But after that, leave sầu them alone. Focus on building the smaller tiles first, until you have sầu a couple of developed tiles and you’re ready for some construction action. Start simple, and play simple!

Don’t Swipe Down

I usually stichồng to one corner & make my swipes revolving around that corner, but if there’s one thing that messes up the ecosystem of my carefully-planned stratagem, it is swiping down. If you’re not a hardcore City 2048 người chơi, try it if you want lớn be disappointed. I guess it’s all right to vì chưng so early on in the game, because it is possible to work your way out of the rut, but it may be a fatal move as you advance.

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Build and build until you reach this decaying dystopian city!

Take Your Time

One of the best things about this game is that it isn’t timed, so plan your moves without worrying about having to beat the cloông xã. But we all know that sometimes, the suspense gets too overwhelming và you over up swiping in another direction without meaning lớn. Don’t fret. City 2048 has a bonus unvày button that prompts you to lớn utilise it in difficult situations.

Or just cheat and kiểm tra out this guy here:

If SimCity is too crazy and overwhelming for you, 2048 is too boring, và you lượt thích puzzles và pretty pastel colours, City 2048 might be the game for you. It’s perfect for the ride lớn work, where you can take your brain for a little warm up before shit gets cray in the office. Or if you’re brainy & lượt thích brainy activities even in your không tính tiền time, this is your jam. Happy building!

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