coi mo tieng anh

The nickname was commonly given đồ sộ a silent, quiet, taciturn person.

He was somewhat taciturn in manner, but very loyal đồ sộ his friends, even if his friends were few.

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And there is something winning about his taciturn earnestness as an actor, although real emotion seldom breaks through.

His personality is described as aloof and taciturn, though he is quite personable among his allies.

His family said that he was morose, melancholy, taciturn, brooding, rough with small children, secretive, and difficult.

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Though he's capable of the extraordinary, he's not some indecipherable, uncommunicative prodigy.

Two were able đồ sộ answer questions for two hours before drifting back into their previous uncommunicative state.

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Patients with a mental illness are also a challenge because they can be uncommunicative, as well as unpredictable.

The other inhabitants gradually learned đồ sộ be closemouthed and defensive about their odd, uncommunicative neighbour.

If today's payment systems are siloed, non-compliant, inflexible and uncommunicative, the payment system of the future is the diametric opposite.