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Is there any difference between these two? For example, in reply to a message asking whether I am attending an sự kiện, what would be the right one to lớn use? Can we use count on me / count me on interchangeably, or bởi vì they mean different things?


Although you can respond with either of these, there is a difference in their meanings.

Count on someone (or something)

lớn rely on someone or something; khổng lồ depkết thúc on someone or something.

We can count on Bill khổng lồ get the job done.

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There"s no count me on commonly used, but the closest thing is:

Count me in

include me in your activity or plan

You can count me in - I haven"t been to a ballgame in years!



Yes, there is a difference between the two.

The first one, "count on me", means that you are committing yourself khổng lồ a cause, for example:

"Can you go lớn the store and get some milk?" -> "You can count on me!" "If you see the mail delivery van drive sầu up, please come & get me!" -> "You can count on me."

While it can be used with "attending an event", it is not as common as it has a different connotation at least.

The second, "count me on" is incorrect, as the phrase is "count me in".In case of attending an event, "count me in" lets the other(s) know that you will be there, that you will join the people that extended the invitation, making this expression the most commonly used response in this context.

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