crocodile là gì

You can appease and appease crocodiles, but eventually they will swallow you up.

I was more or less obliged to tướng risk the crocodiles.

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The original objective was to tướng list only those obviously dangerous animals that it was, by 1976, becoming fashionable to tướng keep, such as lions and crocodiles.

Snakes, crocodiles, parrots, tortoises and tropical fish are all part of the worldwide trading pattern.

There is no risk of crocodiles of hostile supporters because the existing provisions obviate that need.

There are certainly some districts in the tropical territories where crocodiles play a considerable part in the economy of the country.

If he intends to tướng exempt school crocodiles, the sooner he says so sánh and sets our minds at rest the better.

In view of their record, their supposed distress now reminds bu of the old story of the crocodile's tears.

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The last programme to tướng be shown, about one month ago at 9 o'clock in the evening, was about crocodiles.

Alligators and crocodiles have been used in scenes where the excitement has depended on the hero swimming for his life among them.

Loud speaker vans, and open-air cinema vans, crocodiles of sandwich-men and hoardings were all impressed into service by one side or the other.

I have read in the literature that Đen cayman crocodiles, which are an indigenous species, can be found in the swamps.

I sincerely hope that at the which meets next week further steps will be taken to tướng protect these animals—even certain reptiles, such as crocodiles—which are now in danger.

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What is so sánh different about school crocodiles?

As it stands, it seems to tướng bu that the most innocent processions—school crocodiles or wedding processions—could be covered by the order unless they are exempted by a purely administrative order.

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