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Our Vision of Tutoring

CACS Tutoring Services provides streamlined tutoring options designed lớn enhance student learning. 

Tutoring is confidential, but we recommend that students tương tác their professor or instructor before beginning the tutoring process. After all, CUA professors và instructors are experts in their fields, và who better to lớn help you address your questions? More importantly, professors and instructors are always happy to lớn hear that their students are actively trying lớn achieve in their classes, and seeking extra help reflects positively on the student.

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Make An Appointment

This link will take you to your log-in page for Cardinal Once at your home page, click on the xanh "get assistance" button on the vị trí cao nhất right and select "Academic Support" then "Course-Based Tutoring."


(Disclaimer: Tutoring Services will not tolerate any disrespectful behavior toward tutors or staff, any disrespectful behavior will result in a loss of tutoring privileges.)

So, what kind of tutoring is for you?Individual Tutoring

This service provides One-on-One tutoring for students who need individualize attention. Students may self-refer or be referred by an instructor. Tutoring is available at a very low cost of $55 per course for a full semester. This is reduced lớn $35 per course for tutoring that requires less than five sessions. While tutoring is not free, the cost is extremely low compared to private tutoring services. Tutoring fees are charged to lớn the student"s account.

To request a tutor log into và select "Get Assistance > Academic support > Course-Based Tutoring." (Select "Mullen Library" as the location). If you need assistance scheduling a tutoring appointment, you can email cua-tutoring

If we vì chưng not have an available tutor, we will begin recruiting immediately. This process may take several weeks.

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Subject Labs

FREE tutoring sessions are available to you on a weekly basis. Our highly-trained tutors will work with you throughout the semester lớn answer your questions, work though the challenging parts of your course materials, & get you on the path to Subject Labs are available in select course areas. Just click on the subject lab schedule to see what courses are being offered this semester. All Subject Labs take place on the second floor of the library. Stay for just a few minutes or stay as long as you like... it"s all up khổng lồ you!

Math Center

All Math nội dung tutoring takes place through the Math Center. Math Center tutoring is FREE and you do not need to lớn fill out a request for a Math tutor. Just click on one of the tutor link on the Math Center web page and, after checking-in, you will enter a virtual room where one of our math tutors will be able khổng lồ work with you.



NOTE: Tutoring Services are only available for students attending The University of America.Information for Faculty & Staff

If you are a faculty or staff thành viên and you would lượt thích to refer a student for tutoring, you may send an e-mail to cua-tutoring
. (Students will still need lớn submit their own request through or by email to cua-tutoring

Do you have a student in your class who would make an excellent tutor? Recommend them by sending an e-mail to cua-tutoring Please make sure lớn include:

Student"s nameCourse informationAny other relevant contextual informationHow vì I Become a Tutor?

Applying to lớn be a TutorStudent tutors are incredibly helpful and are hired for a variety of different classes. The student tutor should maintain a 3.5 GPA and have received an A or A- in the course(s) for which they are applying to become a tutor. For language courses, the student must demonstrate a substantial understanding and fluency in the particular language. If you would like to apply lớn become a tutor, please email cua-tutoring First-year students are not eligible khổng lồ become a tutor.

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