a piece of jewellery for wearing around the wrist, made from a wide circle of metal, plastic, or other material:

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(in a shirt) the thicker material at the kết thúc of a sleeve around the wrist, or (in a pair of pants) the turned-up part at the bottom of a leg
Telemetry-capable devices commonly used in home-based telemedicine include electronic blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, glucometers, and oximeters.
A few remain unstable, perhaps because they rarely occur in the singular - words for cuffs, shutters, boots, & sideburns.
The pre-composed part could also be backings behind a solo, which could be taught aurally off the cuff.
But the collars, cuffs and hems of linen undergarments signalled a comtháng fascination with cleanliness and display aý muốn most social ranks.
The lower shank attachment was achieved using small cuffs manufactured from nylon cable loop straps & padded with foam to lớn provide a secure, non-irritating fit.
The cuff had to lớn be manually in-ated, & the sounds were detected by a microphone placed under the cuff.
Pressure (the application of a blood pressure cuff for the arm, or sitting on a lavatory seat for the pelvis) may exacerbate pain.
Pressure (the application of a blood pressure cuff for the arm or sitting on a lavatory seat for the pelvis) may exacerbate pain.

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If the artificial sphincter proves unsatisfactory, then the operation can be revised to place the cuff around the membranous urethra.
Visual sensations produced by optic nerve stimulation using an implanted self-sizing spiral cuff electrode.
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