cursor là gì

In this task the children had to lớn move their cursor quickly and precisely to lớn specific targets on their screen.

Visual feedback of the four dimensions was presented as two square grids each containing a cursor, again emphasising the pairwise division.

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The mouse cursor will often change shapes or help to lớn direct light sources.

Each text widget has a cursor whose location is defined by two numbers: the line number and the column number.

The joystick and cursor are spatially separated and not physically connected.

Using the joystick, the user controls a cursor to lớn make selections from a thực đơn screen.

With two windows open, you can scroll either or both without moving the cursor between windows.

The weight of a lamp can be considered as a measure of the lamp's influence on the cursor position for that lamp's beam colour.

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The observer identified the different appearing square using the cursor.

The indentation points are given by the list of column numbers at which to lớn position the cursor for a possible indentation for the current line.

When precision requirements were low, the arrowhead cursor shape influenced movement durations instead, with the effects again as might be expected from illusory figures.

The other two pins are used to lớn represent the cursor of a word processor.

The editor focus is analogous to lớn the cursor in a string editor: it marks the place to lớn which editing commands apply.

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They continued to lớn tilt in the direction of cursor displacement under these new conditions.

The acousmograph enables one to lớn select a passage on the screen and then listen to lớn it whilst following the cursor on the graphic.

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