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Đặng Nhật Minh (b.

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Huế, Vietnam, 1938) is one of Vietnam's foremost film directors & a screenwriter. Đặng's first work in film was translating Russian films made in the USSR to lớn Vietnamese. When his dad died during the Vietnam War in 1967, he was given party-related career favours which, combined with his own learnings, allowed him lớn become a director. His first film, made in 1965, was a documentary about geology. Other notable works after this time include: "Ha Bac My Hometown" (Hà Bắc quê hương, 1967), "May - Faces" (Tháng 5 - rất nhiều gương mặt, 1975), "Nguyen Trai" (Nguyễn Trãi, 1980). As a documentary filmmaker, he became the government’s observer và reporter of historical events in Vietnam.Đặng then started adapting existing plays, generating works such as "Stars on the Sea" (Những ngôi sao 5 cánh biển, 1977), "A Year-end Rainy Day" (Ngày mưa cuối năm, 1980). Around 1980, he wrote a short story named "The Town Within Reach" (Thị xã trong tầm tay).

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It was published in the nghệ thuật (Literature và Arts) magazine và won a prize, making him consider giving up filmmaking lớn become a writer. However, not long after that, he made "The Town Within Reach" in 1983 with the encouragement of a new friend, marking the beginning of his filmography. In his autobiography, he notes: "So I determined my direction: I only make films that I myself write the script, talk about issues that interest me, move me. Having found a way khổng lồ exist in the world of cinema, I don't think about giving up on it anymore."Đặng's works are dense with political arguments và always subject lớn controversy as well as censorship within the nation. The view in one of his films may conflict with that of another. Usually placing a woman whose perspective is marginalized within her world at the centre of the story, he closely traces Vietnamese historical struggles through the Sino-Vietnamese War ("The Town Within Reach," 1983), the post-war period ("When The Tenth Month Comes," 1984; "The Girl on the River," 1987), the Đổi mới economic reforms ("The Return," 1994), & post-independence Vietnam ("The Guava Season," 2000). Except for "Miss Nhung," "Don't Burn," và "Hanoi: Winter of 1946," there is often one unifying theme that runs through most of his films: Betrayal. In his career, Đặng Nhật Minh also served as the former General Secretary of the Vietnam Film Association for more than 10 years (1989-2000) where he constantly received strong tư vấn from members. He eventually withdrew from his position out of disdain for political changes within the association.

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