dau tieng anh la gi

The 12-hydroxystearic acid is prepared by the hydrogenation of castor oil.

As the war continued, chronic shortages of castor oil made rotary operation increasingly difficult.

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Hepatitis is yet another condition which can be effectively treated by castor oil.

Ricin is part of the waste from the beans when castor oil is made.

A review listing numerous chemicals derived from castor oil is available.

In some cases, colza oil with added color and flavor has been labeled and sold as olive oil.

In commerce, colza is classed with rapeseed oil, đồ sộ which it is very closely allied in both source and properties.

The flame in the lantern ran on colza oil lamps, and mirrors collected the light.

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The light ran on colza oil, and mirrors reflected it.

For this purpose, colza oil was carried in ship's lifeboats.

When it was first put in production in 1957, it flowed of crude oil from 18 wells.

Also, costs đồ sộ operate ships were increasing, mostly due đồ sộ prices of crude oil.

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Residual means the material remaining after the more valuable cuts of crude oil have boiled off.

Its main activity branches are: crude oil production, refining and marketing of oil products.

The results of crude oil assay testing provide extensive detailed hydrocarbon analysis data for refiners, oil traders and producers.