decorations for rehearsal dinner at restaurant

There's no wrong way to lớn design this pre-wedding tiệc ngọt.

Published on 08/28/23 09:30AM

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Photo by Katherine Marchand

While you've likely put a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of thought into the décor for your wedding ceremony and reception, there's a good chance you've paid little (if any) attention to lớn the aesthetic of your rehearsal dinner. Though it can be tempting to lớn leave the design for this pre-wedding sự kiện up to lớn the party's hosts, ensuring your rehearsal dinner speaks to lớn the theme for the rest of your wedding weekend is one of the best ways to lớn create an immersive, cohesive experience for guests. Plus, because this pre-nuptial sự kiện is a special time to lớn welcome wedding tiệc ngọt members, family, and close friends to lớn your wedding locale, why wouldn't you want to lớn begin the celebration on a high note? Whether you're kicking the weekend off with casual sự kiện or something more intricately planned, carefully choosing the rehearsal dinner's décor is always a good idea.

Ultimately, just lượt thích the decorative elements for the rest of your wedding weekend, the décor for your rehearsal dinner is an opportunity for you and your soon-to-be spouse to lớn share your personalities, interests, and preferred aesthetic with your guests. You can also use the décor at this pre-wedding sự kiện to lớn introduce loved ones to lớn the place where you're saying "I bởi." Ultimately, the options are as endless as your imagination.

Whether you're hoping to lớn plan a rehearsal dinner that speaks to lớn the rest of your wedding's aesthetic or begin the weekend in its own unique way, it's important to lớn pay attention to lớn this party's details. Here, we're sharing a variety of different rehearsal dinner decoration ideas to lớn help you get inspired.

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Use Potted Plants

photo by Beatrice Howell

Planning a tropical- or bohemian-themed pre-wedding dinner? Forgo classic floral centerpieces and top tables with an array of fauna instead. Verdant potted plants or tropical greens are just as eye-catching as traditional floral arrangements, but they'll lend a more relaxed, laid-back feel to lớn your pre-wedding tiệc ngọt. Plus, because they're live plants instead of cut arrangements, you can reuse them during the wedding or post-nuptial brunch.

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Don't Be Afraid of DIY Décor

Photo by Rachel Pearlman Photography

You're spending a lot of money on the wedding itself; if you want to lớn keep things a bit more casual for the rehearsal dinner, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, DIY décor can be just as beautiful and works quite well for this more casual pre-wedding sự kiện. At this backyard rehearsal dinner, handwritten place cards indicated where guests should sit. Napkins were sourced by the bride and her mother on Amazon and the duo hand-tied each themselves ahead of the sự kiện.

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Celebrate With String Lights

photo by Beatrice Howell

String lights immediately enhance the look of any space, and that's especially true if you're dining al fresco with your friends and family. Choose to lớn incorporate a simple strand or two for both beauty and functionality.

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Choose a Creative Menu Display

photo by Belathée Photography

Get creative with your place settings by switching up the thực đơn style. We love the idea of incorporating your dinner bread into a paper sleeve with the thực đơn printed on it for a unique display.

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Bring in Simple Signage

Photo by Oliver Fly

If you're on a tight budget or else want to lớn spend most of your funds on the big day itself, know that just a few simple decorative details can go a long way. Simple signage, lượt thích the fabric welcome message used at this French rehearsal dinner, can help brand your tiệc ngọt and make it a little more special; adding greenery is a great way to lớn ensure everything pops.

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Speak to lớn Your Destination

Photo by Jose Villa

Planning a wedding inspired by your favorite vacations? Introduce guests to lớn the theme with the décor at your rehearsal dinner—it's the perfect way to lớn kick off a weekend of events all tied to lớn the same overarching vision! At this Italian-inspired rehearsal dinner, blue-and-white linens and lemon escort cards pulled double-duty: They served as stunning décor while also nodding to lớn the couple's love of travel.

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Invest in Personalized Details

Photo by Joel Serrato

If you're planning to lớn design a rehearsal dinner that's just as statement-making as the wedding itself, invest in the type of details that guests will really remember. At this rehearsal dinner in Montecito, California, the couple commissioned monogrammed napkins for each place setting and topped tables with lush, overgrown floral centerpieces.

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Play With Patterns

photo by Gideon Photography

Your rehearsal dinner allows you to lớn get creative in ví many ways. Switch things up by incorporating a number of pretty patterns in matching hues into your tablescape design.

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Incorporate Fun Drinks That Look as Good as They Taste

photo by Hana Gonzalez Photography

No boring bar here! For a tropical pre-wedding sự kiện, consider setting up a special drink shelf. Display custom branded coconuts and fill them with cocktails or coconut water for a sip that's as refreshing as it is eye-catching. Best of all, creative cocktails lượt thích these double as décor.

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Go Bold With Blooms

photo by Jacob Van Rozelaar

Flowers have the power to lớn dress up any space, and that's true whether you're hosting your rehearsal dinner at your wedding venue or utilizing a restaurant's sự kiện space. Bring in plenty of bold blooms to lớn make a colorful statement. This is an especially fun idea if you're planning to lớn go more muted with the floral palette for your actual wedding.

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Work With What Your Space Already Offers

Photo by Oliver Fly

Restaurants are extremely popular rehearsal dinner locations, ví if your tiệc ngọt will be held in one, take a look at the design details already in place. At this French restaurant, green and white chairs provided tons of visual interest; a few simple floral arrangements in complementary hues were all that was needed to lớn make the venue extra special.

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Pick a Patterned Tablecloth

photo by Jake Anderson

Rehearsal dinner décor allows you to lớn embrace ideas you may not want to lớn incorporate into your full wedding. We love the look of this patterned tablecloth with brown leather chairs for a ranch-inspired wedding weekend.

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Embrace the View

photo by jessica mangia

If you have access to lớn an outdoor space (and good weather!), make use of it. Set up smaller tables ví everyone can embrace a beautiful view. It'll be the perfect way to lớn welcome them to lớn your wedding spot, especially for a destination wedding. Plus, the scenery acts as natural décor, a boon for anyone who is looking to lớn save a little money on this pre-nuptial tiệc ngọt.

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Choose Colored Glassware

photo by lauren fair

You may choose to lớn have a more subtle color palette for your wedding reception décor, but why not go all out for your rehearsal dinner? Bring in colored glassware instead of plain crystal to lớn make a punchy statement.

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Incorporate Bud Vases

photo by Belathée Photography

No interest in a large floral centerpieces on the table? Choose to lớn utilize bud vases for an elevated-meets-casual look. This design showcased plenty of roses, dahlias, and zinnias for a pop of color.

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Dress Up With Rosemary

photo by Lisa Poggi

Sometimes the simplest decorations are the best. Consider dressing up your place settings with a simple sprig of fresh rosemary tied with twine for a lovely look.

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Embrace Neutral With a Pop of Pink

photo by KT Merry

We love the idea of keeping a neutral color palette for a rehearsal dinner, but with a pop of personality. This phối up embraced whites and tans, but the touch of pink completed the look.

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Display Hydrangeas

photo by Lucy Cuneo

For a garden-inspired rehearsal dinner, bring in plenty of textured blooms. The addition of xanh xao and white hydrangeas in multiple lengths certainly completed the look of this table.

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Set Up a Lounge

photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Rehearsal dinners are a great opportunity for friends and family to lớn mingle! Give them a spot to lớn visit or meet for the first time—it's functional and looks great. To ensure your space looks beautiful and cohesive, match your lounge furniture to lớn the rest of the rehearsal dinner's color palette.

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Channel a Garden Vibe

photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

If you're looking for a theme for your rehearsal dinner, consider planning a garden-inspired tiệc ngọt. A vibrant color palette, patterned tablecloth, garlands of greenery, and small arrangements of stunning blooms make for a lovely phối up.