Collect and analyze feedbaông xã with, the self-serve sầu experience management platform of choice for the world’s top brands. Get mix up in minutes, no technical knowledge required.

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Every second, 45 people answer a survey

Choose from 8 ready-made survey templates & 6 survey delivery methods.






Create customer & employee surveys in seconds. No expertise required.

Create best practice surveys your audience will actually enjoy. That means higher survey response rates và more actionable feedbaông chồng.’s intuitive sầu survey creator makes it easier than ever.


Customize to lớn your brand

Align the look & feel of your survey with your brand with ease. Add your biệu tượng công ty, customize colors, create a branded survey page — all in


Personalize the question

Tailor your survey to lớn each recipient’s situation. Address the survey directly khổng lồ them, and ask about their specific product or interaction.


Quiông xã and simple setup

Create surveys optimized to work perfectly on desktop, Smartphone, and across channels (email, web, kiosk) with the easy-to-use web thiết đặt experience.


Get more detailed feedback

Follow up the rating question with an open-ended feedbaông xã question, & add up to 10 additional questions khổng lồ drive even more insight.

Deliver customer feedbachồng & employee experience surveys across channels.

Control when và where surveys are delivered for point-in-time feedback at key points in the customer journey and employee lifecycle. No code required.


Multi-channel delivery

Deliver surveys through tin nhắn, your website, or via liên kết. Your audience responds directly within the channel for better response rates.


Automated surveying

Schedule ongoing surveys by time interval và trigger surveys via integrations or based on custom events with the REST API.


Multi-language support

Want feedback from all over the world? Localize your surveys khổng lồ 30+ languages for an all-inclusive view of customer và employee sentiment.


Prevents over-surveying increases response rates & protects your brvà by automatically ensuring no one gets too many surveys.

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Analyze feedbaông xã with AI-driven analytics và realtime reporting.

Uncover insights with easy-to-use, yet powerful tools driven by AI.


Realtime dashboard

As soon as someone shares feedbaông chồng, it is instantly available khổng lồ you & your team in your dashboard for exploration.


Feedbaông chồng scoring & reports

Calculate scores (NPS, eNPS, CSAT, PMF, CES) automatically and generate comprehensive reports for all of your feedbaông chồng.


Segmentation và trends

Slice & dice feedbachồng by property, tags, keywords, time periods, và scores. Surface feedbaông chồng trends automatically with Smart Trends.


Survey performance metrics

Get a comprehensive sầu view into survey delivery, response rates, bình luận rates, bounce rates, và unsubscribes for each survey channel.

Act on feedbachồng insights to lớn reduce churn & fuel growth.

Give your team a pulse on user sentiment và the ability to lớn take action. Turning unhappy customers into fans, and fans inlớn advocates has never been easier.


Insize decisions

Route reports and alerts directly lớn the people who can make a difference. Stay on top of evolving expectations and inspire lasting loyalty.


Cđại bại the loop

Connect khổng lồ your help desk, CRM, và other mission-critical apps to lớn turn unhappy customers inlớn your biggest fans.


Engage promoters

Automate post-survey follow-up, encouraging brand advocacy on 3rd-buổi tiệc ngọt sites and engagement from loyal customers.


Publish testimonials

Share positive feedbaông xã on your site with Testimonials, a premium paid feature. Boost conversions with valuable social proof.

Seamlessly integrate

Discuss feedbachồng in Slachồng, trigger surveys from Stripe, sync feedback lớn Salesforce, store all your feedbachồng in your data warehouse, & more.

Created and run by a team who believes that great experiences are first và foremost.

Have a question? We want to help. We answer all our tin nhắn as fast as humanly possible.

It’s your data, we are only stewards of it. Export it all, anytime you want, with a single cliông xã.

We vày everything in our power khổng lồ ensure your trương mục and data are secure.

NPS is a registered trademark, and Net Promoter Score & Net Promoter System are service marks, of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc. & Fred Reichheld.

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