Democratic Là Gì

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A person or a group that is democratic believes in, encourages, or supports freedom & equality between people và groups:
a democratic system or organization allows everyone khổng lồ be treated equally and to be involved in making decisions:
It is equally true, however, that the party"s narrow class base rendered it an increasingly less than reliable champion of democratic rights.
Scholars of regime change have sầu offered several complementary explanations of the empirical regularity that democratic transitions tend not khổng lồ result in substantial redistribution.
Likewise, we have a potentially significant role lớn play in analyzing gender và democratization, including the role of women in the region"s democratic transitions.
Another major path of democratic transitions is the revolt or mobilization of social forces-especially in civil society-against the regime.
Given the country"s ethnic bipolar structure, it was also highly unlikely that the rebels would accept the democratic route lớn power.
The differences, while statistically significant, are generally trivial (for example, the means on the democratic values index are 3.35 in 1996 và 3.27 in 1998).

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The developmental benefits of democratic institutions, and the difficulties in building & keeping such institutions are, in this sense, two sides of the same coin.
The opening up & expansion of the democratic space under mutipartyism has, nonetheless, had positive sầu effects on corruption.
In general, it was a rather democratic way of deciding the normative status of possible answers to difficult questions.
An empirical analysis demonstrates that increases in democratic chất lượng, measured independently from electoral activities, tend khổng lồ be stronger directly after elections than in non-electoral periods.
Thus, it does not appear that over time, social democratic labor market institutions have sầu significantly been dismantled.




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