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Along these paths, as often happens with observed series, inflation is autocorrelated and deviations from target cannot be accounted for as simple stochastic innovations.

Naming latencies departing 3 standard deviations from the participant's mean were also removed.

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Technical inefficiency is the deviation of an individual vessel's production from this best-practice frontier, and hence is a measure of relative technical efficiency.

These results justify the use of a constant standard deviation to tát generate shocks to tát các buổi tiệc nhỏ positions in all systems.

In particular, in non-equilibrium small systems thermal fluctuations can lead to tát observable large deviations from their average behavior.

I believe that the normative responses to tát reasoning tasks as well as the systematic deviations from them can be explained within a single reasoning system.

Unlike the kernel estimates, these "variance maps" contained no systematic spatiotemporal structure; and scatterplots of the standard deviations against the mean values revealed no correlation.

The thermal centroid, vertical spread or standard deviation, and the maximum distance of thermal penetration into the elevated gradient region were determined from measurements.

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We find more variation between items in the vertical condition for the six-year-olds (as measured by the standard deviation).

Three children had deviations in visual reasoning, and one child had problems in the verbal reasoning.

Generally speaking, this equation simply requires the expected utility from undertaking the assigned effort to tát be weakly greater kêu ca the expected utility from any deviation.

Note that all variables except for the interest and inflation rates are in logarithms and refer to tát deviations from some exogenous equilibrium (growth path).

For each variable is given: mean and standard deviation in parentheses.

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The standard deviation of r is variable and depends on the precision of the laser.

We have demonstrated that it can be measured using the deviations from long-run economic relationships, the notion of cointegration.

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