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9 Feb 2020

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What does dive in head first mean?


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9 Feb 2020

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Headfirst is defined as doing without much thought, or leading with the head.

An example of headfirst is taking on a difficult project without giving it any thought.

An example of headfirst is sledding down a hill, belly down and face first.

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5 Aug 2020

  • English (US)

It means đồ sộ go in wholeheartedly. When you dive into water you trust there’s nothing there you’ll hit your head on - so sánh you plunge in with full confidence.

So say you have 8 stacks of research you have đồ sộ go through in the next two hours - you’ve phối aside time đồ sộ work and your friend has shown up đồ sộ help - you might say “Let’s dive in, shall we?” Or something related đồ sộ the saying.

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What does dive in head first mean?

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