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Are You looking for Best sites to tướng tải về cracked Pc games latest and full version? There are several sites that provide a variety of cracked games But all are not secure and trusted.

So Don’t worry In this article, I am going to tướng share with you some best sites trusted and very popular that provide latest and updated cracked PC games with direct tải về tư vấn.

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download cracked Pc gamesIf you are a gamer but don’t have enough money for purchase premium pc games then this best article for you. Here, after searching we got some great sites for downloading cracked full version games and also they are trusted and up to tướng date site. Let’s kiểm tra.

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If you lượt thích to tướng tải về cracked games without a virus then you see these top sites list below:

Note: For the site links please click on Link Button, and you will get the direct tải về link

Support Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

1. Ocean of Games

best cracked site oceangames direct download

Here you will find places to tướng tải về games without any annoying advertisements. This is one of the favorite low budget gamers to tướng tải về games. Not because there are no advertisements but here the games are very complete even to tướng tải về it is not complicated, just by clicking tải về, the tải về request will automatically appear.

Not only that, downloading from this trang web is fairly fast even though you don’t use the famous cloud and also here you can tải về via a single links. Wow, Amazing!

Ocean of Games

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2. Ova Games

best cracked games site direct download

The display can be simple but the nội dung must be blaring. That’s what you find in this place, you will be treated to tướng very complete full version windows pc games with direct downloading links. What you want can be here, codex version, copy version even FightGirl repack version. You just need to tướng tìm kiếm for the game you want and then select it. Unfortunately, to tướng tải về here it’s quite complicated, you have to tướng pass a few Shortlinks to tướng get the tải về links. No matter how important it can be downloaded.

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Available games:

  1. Action Games
  2. Adventure Games
  3. Arcade Mode
  4. Casual games
  5. Fighting games
  6. Horror
  7. Platformer
  8. Puzzle
  9. Racing
  10. Shooter ETC
  11. Minecraft PE

Ova Games

3. IGG Games

cracked pc games direct tải về without torrent

If you find it hard to tướng get the games you want, you should come here. Because the collection of games here is very much. Only rare games are usually here. Maybe the games here are more than thở 1000 games. Oh yeah, if you want to tướng find games not one – one, you won’t be strong. Just searching through hehe!

IGG Games

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4. trò chơi Save

full version games cracked pc gamesYou are looking for a place to tướng tải về FULL PC GAMES FOR FREE. Well, this is the place. This trang web is built the same as the trang web. Even though there is a lack of updates in providing games, the games here are pretty good.

Save Game

5. Apun Ka Games

best site apun ka games cracked pc games

Apun Ka trò chơi is also a gaming blog which provides PC Games tải về links and its well-detailed article about the game, You have difficulty finding the genre of games that you want, you should try this site.

You will be treated to tướng more genre games than thở others. You also won’t feel uncomfortable because there are many alternative advertisements and links.

Apun Ka Games

6. New Games Box

best full version game site tải về cracked Pc gamesAttractive appearance, fast loading, up to tướng date, and lots of games. Yup, it fits perfectly with this trang web. New Games Box is one of the places to tướng tải về cracked PC games directly through any downloader ( no need torrent )that are quite popular. Unfortunately, the tải về links is only in mega and here you have to tướng turn off the Adblock so sánh you can get the tải về links.

Some Popular trò chơi on  NewGameBox:

  • GTA V
  • Fifa 19
  • Hitman 2
  • Just Cause 4 etc


7. RG Mechanics

download cracked Pc games

Interesting and easy, that’s the characteristic of RG Mechanics. You will be given an attractive and easy look for the games you want. Even though there is not too updated in providing games, the games here are the most popular games. What are you waiting for, Come on!

Visit RGMechanics

8. Black Box Repack

directly tải về cracked windows games

From the name, it appears that this site only provides games from đen sì box What is đen sì box,here is one team that can crack PC games or break security games. They are the ones that make you able to tướng play pirated games.

Besides being able to tướng tải về for miễn phí, you can also request the game you want. Don’t forget to tướng thank them.

Visit Black Box

9. Skidrowreloaded

Unlike before here, it doesn’t rely too much on attractive trang web views but here the loading is pretty fast. Here also provides a large selection of alternative links so sánh you don’t need to tướng worry if there are links that are inactive or damaged.


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10. Cracked – Games

full version cracked Pc gamesHere you will be treated to tướng an attractive trang web and animation, as if – to tướng hypnotize you to tướng tải về all the games on this trang web. This trang web is fairly updated in providing games, they can upload 1-6 games per day. Not enough updates, though the trang web uses German. Not bad, can all learn foreign languages.

cracked games

Final Word

Those are some best sites to tướng tải về cracked pc games directly that we recommend for you a low budget gamer. Well, if you have another or better Download cracked PC Games place, you can write in the comment.