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The prequel to the mmorpg Dragon Nest Online (pc version).

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This is the official English release for android and iOS by NEXON và EYEDENTITY Games.Features Geraint as playable character with unique baông chồng story. Together with new characters Marion the wizard, Gavel the warrior, and Argenta the silver rồng.☆☆☆For Android and iOS (mobile)Release Date: August 2, 2017Minimum requirement: OS 4.0.3., 2GB RAM, & 2.1GB không tính phí space. It is compatible with Galaxy S4, Galaxy cảnh báo 3, & comparable or superior devices.NOTE: This game is currently not compatible with Android O (Oreo)Currently available on countries: nước Australia, Canadomain authority, Denmark, Netherlands, and the Philippines. Will be available in other countries soon.■■There are only 3 classes that are locked to lớn key characters lượt thích Geraint - a knight that wields a magical sword, Marion - a female wizard, and Gavel - great-axe wielding male warrior.

There is also a locked character, Argenta
that wields Chakram-lượt thích weapons similar to lớn Kali class on Dragon Nest Online.

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QHP Note:
Geraint"s hawtness rose up khổng lồ 300% 3 chiều hawtness!!♥♥♥All characters are playable - one at a time. You can change between your characters/heroes in the game thực đơn.There is no character customization in this game. Only weapons, armors, và headgear equipped by characters/heroes change their look. There might be costumes sold in-game cửa hàng soon.■■It"s still a dungeon raiding action rpg with similar combat controls lượt thích dodging & defending. The difference is the chain skill full bộ system that needs to be executed on time to activate perfect combo which đơn hàng more damage.

You control the character"s movement using virtual pad, và of course you can let the AI play for you using Aukhổng lồ Battle
(uber useful when you want to play but is busy with other stuff XD).

You can still control the character even on Auto Battle, virtual pad và skill buttons are still responsive sầu.QHP Note:
We highly recommover helping the AI"s Aukhổng lồ Battle on tough dungeons or when doing dungeon Challenges, because AI is not perfect** ^^);The dungeon has a ranking system, similar to lớn Dragon Nest Online"s previous dungeon ranking system. The score is based on how fast you finish the dungeon, you can have sầu a highest rank of "SSS".
QHPhường Note:
We think rewards are based on the rank you get. // We miss this feature on Dragon Nest Online T^T.■■Acquiring skill is also different. Instead of acquiring them when you reach a certain level, you get Skill Fragments that can be used lớn learn new skills or promote old ones. Those fragments are rewards for clearing certain dungeons in "Chronicles".
■■Process of leveling up gears is different from Dragon Nest Online. In this game you cấp độ up gear by using items of the same type/category.

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■■Similar features on Dragon Nest Online are still available in this game like Abyss
dungeons, Nests, Raids, PVP-Aremãng cầu, Guilds.QHP.. Commentary:● The chara leveling is quite fast from lv1-30 (we"ve sầu yet to lớn lv higher than that XDD).● Gear leveling is quite fine as well you"ll be able to get Magicto lớn Raregears from dungeons as loots or rewards, but make sure the dungeon rank you get is high. You also have a high change of getting Epicgear when you buy the Pandora"s Gear Box in Shop using Rubies.● Gold and Rubies can be acquired as rewards from daily quests, achievements, dungeon runs, doing dungeon challenges, etc.● The character"s battle movement is quite irritating though, because the character auto-targets uber much khổng lồ monsters closer lớn it so if you want to attachồng farther monsters you"ll have a hard time dashing towards them. Aukhổng lồ Battle"s AI is not perfect XD;**

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