Dragonica Mobile Returns To Smartphones

Dragonica Mobile is a game that is published by PlayPark. The game is an adaptation from its popular PC version, Dragonica Online. It is a MMORPG that is now been ported khổng lồ the di động version that offers familiar features và design! An action packed side-scrolling RPG on your smartphone!

Currently the game is up for pre-registration which offers you an awesome Pirate Cape & 50,000 Gold if you are a new user upon successful pre-registration. You will need khổng lồ key in you Play ID, character & class lớn receive sầu the reward. However for old players, you can receive rewards such as Weapon Random box x 1, Armor Random box x 1, 50,000 Gold, Sagittarius Cloth và Helm (C). 


The game comes with simple controls & an Auto-Battle System to lớn tư vấn the mobile platkhung. With beautiful 3 chiều graphics of the world, you will enjoy your the side-scrolling journey to lớn defeat the Evil Dragon Elga.

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There are up to 6 Classes khổng lồ choose from namely Knight, Gladiator, Wizard, Warlock, Thief & Assassin. A Special Skill development is also present khổng lồ nâng cấp your bộ combo attacks with a variety of different weapons to choose from.

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There are also additions of Game Modes and Missions lớn hunt for special rewards & sets of super rare weapons và armors to lớn equip your characters. Battle League system is also available for those who wants lớn compete in the leader board to be the strongest Dragonica anh hùng worldwide! A myriad of character customization is also available with over 200 fashion items. With dễ thương little pets khổng lồ accompany you on your journey, you can also evolve them lớn be stronger lớn fight your enemies with you.

Dungeon Raid BossLeague System

Following their Facebook Fan Page, it was mentioned that the game’s launch date will be delayed to early January 2017. So there’s a lot of time till then for you và your friends lớn pre-register together! You can follow the link here to pre-register now or check out their official trang web for more information!

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