Dynasty warriors 3 free download pc game

Dynasty Warriors 3 Highly Compressed is an action fighting game. It is the third series of Dynasty Warriors games. The game follows the story of three kingdoms of Chinese history. but based on the basic events of the history of three kingdoms. That is khổng lồ solidarity Đài Loan Trung Quốc according lớn the rules of kingdoms.

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Furthermore, the is the first series which includes multiplayer modes. In which two players can play at a time. And this series launched with new features, graphics, skills, characters, và weapons. Furthermore, the game type và graphics engine also bring up khổng lồ date. With high chất lượng và beautiful graphic materials.

Gameplay Of Dynasty Warriors 3 For PC

chơi Game Of Dynasty Warriors 3 For PC is based on fights and combat missions.in this game, the player plays as the role of a commander. And the main task is to lớn defeat the opponent commander. The player has to lớn kill all the enemies và try to lớn keep his commander safe. However, there are 100 enemies on 1 level. You have complete all the levels. The player has also the ability to lớn kill 100 enemies at a màn chơi. And if he completes the level in a better way without any damage. Then he will get new skills và powers. That will help you lớn face powerful enemies.

Furthermore, the main màn chơi of the game is Masuo. And every kingdom has its own different Masuo màn chơi. That is based on different stages. Furthermore, there are fifteen different characters in the game. The player can play the game with anyone of them. And other characters will be unlocked after completing different levels. Or you can purchase them without completing missions. You can also tăng cấp your powers and weapons.

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Development Of Dynasty Warriors 3 Free Download

Dynasty Warriors 3 Free Download is developed by Omega Force Japanese game development company. And published by Jp Koei, NA Koei, and PAL THQ game company. Furthermore, the designer of this game is Tomohiko Sho. And Akihiro Suzuki is the director of this game. The game was the first release on 26 Nov 2001 in NA. And it is released for these platforms:X Box, Playstation Network và Playstation 2. For Playstation 2 game was released on 26 Nov 2001 in NA. In Japan and Europe, the game was released on 20 Sep 2001. For Xbox và Playstation Network platform game was released on 16 Jan 2013.

Moreover, this game generally gets positive and mixed Review from critics. From Metacritic & Gameranking review score, this game gets 78/100 scores for the PlayStation platkhung. During 4 months of its release, it sold out one million copies in NA and JPhường. According to publication nhận xét, score this game gets the following scores.

From Alltrò chơi 4.5/5 stars for PS2 & Xbox PlatformsFrom Gamepro 4/5 stars for PS2 & Xbox PlatformsOPM ranked it 3.8/5 stars for PS2 and Xbox Platforms7.1/10 score from Gamespot8.5/10 score from IGNB + Grade from Gamerevolution

Our nhận xét And Experience About Dynasty Warriors 3 Torrent 

According lớn my view, the game Dynasty Warriors 3 is a hundred times better than the previous series. It features new stylish and powerful characters. And every character equipped with a powerful weapon và skills. Furthermore, the graphics of this game are not realistic. But are so beautiful. It gives the player a new experience of kingdomes combat.


Central Processing Unit: Hãng sản xuất Intel Pentium 4 with 1.8 GHz or better.512 MB Memory Of Ram.Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, & XP with 64 bit Version.Nvidia Geforce Video Card 5200 / ATI Radeon 9550. 64 MB of Video Ram.2.0 Pixel Shader Model.Also 2.0 Vertex Shader Model.Direct X Version 9.0c or the latest.2.5 Gb Free Space Of Disk.

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