to change electronic information or signals into a secret code (= system of letters, numbers, or symbols) that people cannot understand or use on normal equipment:

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Protected websites will tell you that the transfer is encrypted, and your browser will usually display a symbol confirming this.
to protect private information by putting it into a form that can only be read by people who have the permission to do so:
Because of the completely public transmission, all messages that were to remain private had to be encrypted.
But these privacy protections- stripping identifiers, assigning new ones, or encrypting information to protect privacy-cannot be expanded without adding costs.
First, she invents a key, encrypts the known body with it, and checks whether the result matches the encrypted authenticator fetched from the network.
As she is encrypting herself in her weaving, her original text, and her writing on her boat, he is encrypting himself in writing the narrative of her secret desire.
Tennyson"s narratives encrypt paternal power in fraternal orders with an ambivalence that concurrently mourns and castigates paternal privilege enacted within fraternal spaces.
For example, encrypting a message reveals some information about the message to observers of the ciphertext (and it reveals the entire message to possessors of the deciphering key).
If someone knows that the data that they have encrypted will incriminate them, how can they be made to reveal the key?

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If the data are encrypted, the police have no surety that they are destroying the material or clearing the discs.
That information would be provided monthly by the utilities, and the company wanted to run it encrypted against its data lists.
That is why it is necessary to encrypt information, and people must be equipped to protect themselves against espionage.
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