Vietnam’s e-commerce is very potential so local retail businesses should expvà their scale on the online channel.

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Vietnam’s small và medium enterprises (SMEs) và business households can seize the opportunity to improve sầu their online business capađô thị through joining an online three-day Retail University program this April.

The VECOM representatives & its partners attend the ceremony on March 30 in Hanoi. Photo: Phi Nhat

The program is jointly held on April 7, 8 và 9 by the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM) in coordination with Google, Sapo (a completely không tính phí sales management application), Visa, EMS & the Vietphái mạnh National Innovation Center (NIC).

The program is part of the Retail University project, which helps the Vietnamese retailers khổng lồ take advantage of the Vietnamese digital market platforms’ potential.

Groups selected for this program include those who have sầu been using Sapo’s services, Nguyen Tkhô giòn Hung, Chairman of the VECOM told the program’s kick-off ceremony on March 30 in Hanoi.

The sự kiện follows the success of the pilot program that was launched in November and December 20trăng tròn, focusing on individuals và SMEs in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minc City with the participation of more than 700 participants.

“More than 60% of learners reported that their businesses achieved revenue growth after attending this program,” Doan Quoc Tam, International Relations & Cooperation Department of the VECOM, told Hanoitimes .

“From this success, we continue to tăng cấp our online program for businesses with the tư vấn of partners such as Google, Sapo, NIC, Visa và EMS,” he said.

In 20đôi mươi, Vietnam’s e-commerce was estimated khổng lồ grow about 15%, reaching a scale of about US$13.2 billion. It is predicted to keep developing steadily in 2021 & the subsequent years until 2025.

“This is a potential for local retail businesses to exp& their scale on the online channel,” said Hung from the VECOM.

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Rapid growth of online delivery services

March 30, 2021 by sggpnews.org.vn

Since the kết thúc of December 20đôi mươi, the Grab company expanded it ride hailing service with a shopping and home page delivery service as well, using its already existing infrastructure in a more innovative way. With this new trang chủ delivery service, Grab can offer its vast network of consumers the option to lớn buy items online in some traditional markets linked to the company App. To this, Grab then added GrabMart service, which allows consumers to lớn buy fresh or canned fruits and vegetable from supermarkets, convenience stores, or some other food chains via online orders.
Before Grab, the Vietnamese ride-hailing app Be had already introduced its own delivery service khổng lồ its customers for essential foods. Baemin also has a food delivery application for its consumers. All these home page delivery services have recorded an impressive sầu growth rate, in particular, the Be company has shown a growth rate of 200% to lớn 300% since it was first introduced. GrabMart too has maintained a steady high growth màn chơi, especially after Grab joined hands with some big chains such as Big C and Coop Mart, & are now reaching a larger household consumer base.
The concept of a grocery delivery service is not new in Vietphái mạnh. In 2018, the Now App brought this service lớn its users, but now the Covid-19 pandemic has enhanced the usefulness of this service even more, especially for essential daily needs such as food & medicines. There is also a question on people’s minds if this sort of service will continue to flourish even after the pandemic has regressed. The answer is probably negative, as this convenience is habit forming and therefore will be difficult to break. An earlier food order service is a prime example of this. A study by Nielsen Vietphái mạnh, a market research company, has shown that uplớn 64% of consumers say that they will continue to use the food delivery services much more often after the Covid-19 pandemic is over.
However, where several companies have moved swiftly in developing delivery services, the well-known Gojek company has refrained from doing so. When you open the Grab App, you can see immediately all the services being offered such as delivery, shopping, và paying bills. On Be App you can see oto booking, delivery, shopping, bus và air ticket booking. On the other h&, on the App for Gojek, one of the top three most developed ride-hailing companies in the market today, there are only motorbike booking but no oto booking, besides food delivery. Consumers are still waiting for Gojek to introduce more convenient services.

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More jobs opportunities
The development of delivery services meets the needs of a huge consumer base, và also offers more jobs khổng lồ so many people who have sầu lost their jobs during the relentlessly ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. According khổng lồ the General Statistics Office, as of December 2020, there were more than 32 million people aged 15 years & above sầu who have sầu been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. This figure includes people who have sầu lost their jobs, or have sầu had to reduce working hours, or have little or no income at this time. In the economic sector, the service sectors have sầu been the hardest hit, followed by factories, manufacturing & construction, và finally the agriculture, forestry, & fisheries sectors.
Many workers have sầu had to lớn turn towards such jobs in order khổng lồ feed their families in the current very trying times. In a recent labor situation report, the Vietphái nam General Confederation of Labor has said that there is a tendency of unemployed or laid off workers lớn switch lớn working for technology service enterprises such as Grab, Be, Now, và Gojek as this work can be easily accessed as well as withdrawn at will. There is also no stress or pressure in this work, & cash payments are quick and substantial, with work timings being very flexible.
Although, this shift towards such jobs is being seen only as a temporary solution until the pandemic is completely wiped out. Young workers with college and university degrees who were previously trained in enterprises, are using this method of earning money as a way khổng lồ get by during the pandemic phase. In an interview with Saigon Investment, Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, Vice Chairman of the Ho Chi Minc City Vocational Education Association, acknowledged that young qualified & trained persons who choose these jobs for short-term commitments can benefit at a time when jobs are hard to find. However, if they choose these jobs as future careers, & also hope to lớn earn high salaries that will be most unrealistic.
The entry of more convenient services & use of related công nghệ applications have sầu thrived during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, besides also opening several new business opportunities for a new type of consumer market. In mid-March, a Singapore insurance giải pháp công nghệ company, Igloo, officially opened in Vietnam giới and joined hands with Loship, a Vietnamese food delivery và e-commerce startup with more than ten services on its App such as food delivery, car order, shopping, laundry, medicine, and even flower delivery. The partnership with Igloo allows Loship to lớn provide work to 70,000 drivers, who are paid shipping fee even if the consumer does not accept an order. This insurance package comes at a fee of VND 28,900 per month, but is a good way khổng lồ minimize on damages caused by refusal of order delivery.

Saigon Investment

Efforts khổng lồ rescue the super ship blocking the Egyptian canal were successful after nearly a week, delaying all activities on a route serving up to 15% of the world’s shipping capađô thị. Concerns about intermittent international trade flows have been cleared up, but it also offers a profound lesson in ensuring the security & safety of shipping routes, as the unexpected and unpredictable impact of the incident on the Suez Canal made the global trading system rochồng.

The Ever Given, which carries the Panama flag, is longer than the total length of four football fields & carries a payload of 199,000 tonnes, ran aground when it entered the Suez Canal from the Red Sea. This incident left trade virtually paralysed through the 190-km canal. As the fasthử nghiệm waterway connecting Europe và Asia, the canal, inaugurated in 1869, is a vital transport route for the transportation of crude oil, chemicals và refined products from the Middle East và Asia Pacific khổng lồ Europe & North America. In 2020, 18,829 ships carrying 1.17 billion tonnes of cargo passed through the Suez Canal. The incident caused more than 300 vessels to be blocked at both ends of the canal, including many tankers, and this is believed khổng lồ have sầu caused oil prices lớn rise by about 5%.

According lớn economists, if sea traffic congestion in the canal persists, it will affect the shipping activities of the world. Vessels carrying goods to Europe & the East American coast will have sầu khổng lồ bypass Africa, thus increasing shipping costs and prolonging the time to transport goods. Major ocean carriers would have sầu khổng lồ navigate many of their ships on a longer route through the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa), making the travel schedule at least seven days longer.

Meanwhile, goods with a total value of between US$3 billion and US$9.6 billion have sầu been floating at sea, bringing with it many risks. About 1.74 million barrels of oil are transported through the canal every day và about 100 ships loaded with barrels of oil or petrochemical products are anchored in the waiting area.

Concerns about slowing trade on the world’s arterial waterways prompted the Egyptian authorities và other countries khổng lồ quickly rescue the ship. The volume of cargo on board & other ships anchored và waiting to move sầu through the canal would prove to lớn be a very heavy burden if rescue work took too long. Egypt was “on pins và needles” in a race against time khổng lồ rescue the super ship as the country was losing estimated revenue of US$12-14 million per day.

Many rescue scenarios were launched, with some countries ready to lớn provide help khổng lồ Egypt’s rescue mission. After six days of struggling to find a solution, on March 29, 11 tugboats gradually moved the Ever Given out of its jammed position. During the troubleshooting process, the rescue team dredged about 27,000 cubic metres of sand on either side of the Suez Canal down to lớn a depth of about 18 metres in order to provide access to lớn the stranded ship. The bow was partially damaged but the entire structure was said to lớn be stable. According khổng lồ the management authorities of the canal in Egypt, the ship has been turned bachồng on the right traông chồng “by 80%”. Sources from the scene showed that the super-container ship has gradually escaped the stranded area, moving along the water current and returned lớn its normal direction of movement, creating the necessary gaps on the canal’s surface. Technical teams preliminarily inspected the ship, along with starting the engines and the ship is now about lớn be towed towards the Great Lakes Area.

The whole world eagerly awaits news of the chiến dịch lớn rescue the stranded ship on the Suez Canal. The new information has partially relieved concerns about the delay in trade activities on this extremely important waterway. The head of the Suez Canal Authority said that strong winds và weather factors were not the main cause of the ship’s issues, but more so technical or human error, & these factors are being clarified in the investigative sầu process. It is estimated that after rescuing the Ever Given, it will take three to lớn six days to facilitate the hundreds of ships currently waiting lớn cross the strait.

The incident shows the decisive sầu spirit of Egypt in its rescue campaign as well as the willingness of the international community to lớn assist. Whatever the cause of this incident, this is also a profound lesson for the managers và those involved in water transport, because it is very likely “one wrong step leads to lớn another”. A stranded ship can disrupt global supply chains. A small incident can cause a terrible ripple effect, even disrupting the flow of international trade và causing many unpredictable consequences.

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International Organisation for Migration, Microsoft provide online skills for young workers

March 30, 2021 by bizhub.vn

The International Organisation for Migration và Microsoft Corporation have sầu launched an online learning project for young workers in HCM City and Binc Duong and Dong Nai provinces.

For the 14-month ‘Strengthening access khổng lồ online skills training for young workers in Viet Nam’ project, an online digital learning platform will be created lớn provide 3,000 migrant workers in industrial and export-processing zones và vocational students with opportunities khổng lồ develop basic & key digital skills khổng lồ improve their employability and access khổng lồ digital society.

The partnership is an extension of Microsoft’s on-going Global Skills Initiative sầu launched in 20trăng tròn khổng lồ address growing employment challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking at a ceremony held on March 29 in TP HCM City khổng lồ kichồng off the project, Mihyung Park, IOM Viet Nam’s chief of mission, said, “Digital literacy and digital skills are fundamental in today’s society.

“The labour market is changing fast with automation, & it will have significant impacts on young workers, including migrant workers. Unless they have easy access to lớn upskilling opportunities, it is highly likely that they will be left behind.

“Also digital skills are essential khổng lồ the well-being of migrants as it supports và facilitates integration in their new communities.”

Psay mê Vu Quoc Binch, deputy head of the Directorate of Vocational Education và Training, said, “We are aware of the importance of digital transformation in vocational education … và preparing for that process.”

The partnership with international organisations và công nghệ corporations seeks to promptly strengthen the legal & policy frameworks, foster capacity building và adopt digital transformation across the board in the vocational education system, he added. —VNS

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