excel cannot open the file

A while back, when I wanted đồ sộ load an important worksheet on my computer, I kept getting an error prompt instead. For instance, the application kept displaying the message that “Excel Cannot Open the File” due đồ sộ some or other reason.

Since there could be so sánh many reasons behind this logical error, it is important đồ sộ diagnose it first. Therefore, đồ sộ help you fix the “Excel Cannot Open the Files” issue, I have come up with all kinds of solutions đồ sộ troubleshoot the problem in this post.

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excel cannot open files error

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Part 1: Common Symptoms and Reasons for Getting these Excel Errors

Before we discuss different solutions đồ sộ fix the “Excel Cannot Open the Files” issue, let’s quickly have a look at some of the common symptoms behind this error and what could have caused it.

  • Excel File with an Invalid Format

This is the most common instance of the error in which the application is not able đồ sộ load a tệp tin due đồ sộ an invalid format. That is, the tệp tin format for the document could not be supported by MS Excel.

  • The Excel File Extension is Not Valid

You might already know that Excel only supports XLS and XLSX tệp tin formats. Therefore, if you are trying đồ sộ open files of any other extension, then you might get a similar prompt on Excel.

Furthermore, the Excel tệp tin that you are trying đồ sộ load might be corrupted or damaged due đồ sộ any possible reason (like the mishandling of the document, malware attack, incomplete downloading, and so sánh on).

Besides that, chances are that you might not have the needed permissions đồ sộ access the Excel document or make changes in it.

If you are not able đồ sộ load an Excel tệp tin, then it could be resulted due đồ sộ any other reason lượt thích the document could be edited several times, a plugin might have corrupted it, or any third-party application can stop it from loading completely.

excel tệp tin corruption error

Part 2: Proven Solutions đồ sộ Fix the “Excel Cannot Open the Files” Issue

Now when you know the common reasons behind this Excel-related issue, let’s learn how đồ sộ fix it by applying the following suggestions:

Fix 1: Check and Change the Extension of the Worksheet

One of the most common reasons for getting these issues is when we try đồ sộ open an unsupported tệp tin with MS Excel. Since Excel only supports XLS and XLSX formats, worksheets of any other format won’t be opened on it.

At first, you can just kiểm tra the present tệp tin format/extension of the worksheet. To bởi that, just right-click the worksheet and go đồ sộ its properties from its context thực đơn. As the properties window is opened, go đồ sộ its “General” tab, and kiểm tra its extension under the File Type feature.

excel tệp tin type check

In case the tệp tin is of any other format, then you can simply use any reliable online or offline application đồ sộ convert it đồ sộ an Excel-supported format. You can simply upload the worksheet and select XLS or XLSX as a target format đồ sộ make sure it would be supported by Excel.

convert files đồ sộ excel formats

Fix 2: Use the Open and Repair Feature of Excel đồ sộ Fix Minor Errors

If there is a minor issue with your Excel files, then you can also use the inbuilt feature of the application đồ sộ repair your documents. To make it easier for us đồ sộ fix minor problems with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint applications, MS Office has come up with an inbuilt repairing feature.

Therefore, if you want đồ sộ fix “Excel Cannot Open the Files” issue, then start by launching the MS Excel application on your system. Now, go đồ sộ its Menu > File > Open and simply locate the Excel tệp tin you want đồ sộ repair.

excel open and repair

Once the Excel tệp tin is selected, click on the dropdown button adjacent đồ sộ the “Open” feature. From here, you can select the “Open and Repair” feature instead that would repair the selected Excel tệp tin before loading it on the application.

Fix 3: Change the Group Permission Settings of the Excel Document

If you are not the administrator or have the needed privileges, then you might find it hard đồ sộ open certain Excel documents. Therefore, đồ sộ fix “Excel Cannot Open the Files” issue, you can consider editing its group permissions.

For this, you can just locate the Excel tệp tin that you are not able đồ sộ open, right-click đồ sộ go đồ sộ its properties, and visit its “Security” tab. Now, click on the “Edit” button đồ sộ change the preferences of the Excel document.

excel tệp tin properties

As its dedicated window is opened, you can click on the “Add” button đồ sộ select existing users or add a new one.

excel files add users

From here, you can select the “Everyone” category đồ sộ implement changes for any user who wants đồ sộ access the tệp tin.

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excel files everyone permissions

Once this category is added, you can just select the “Everyone” group from here. Now, you can just provide permissions đồ sộ read, write, and perform other operations on the Excel document for any user.

change excel tệp tin permissions

Fix 4: Use Wondershare Repairit for Fix Damaged or Corrupt Excel Files

Lastly, if there is a more severe issue with your Excel documents, then you can consider using Wondershare Repairit - File Repair. The application is quite easy đồ sộ use and can fix all kinds of issues with your files lượt thích the Excel document is not loading, corrupt tệp tin, header issues, and so sánh on. Apart from Excel, Repairit can also fix files of other formats such as Word, PowerPoint, and PDF.

To fix "Excel Cannot Open the Files" issue with the help of Wondershare Repairit – File Repair, you can simply follow these instructions:

Step 1: Locate and Load your Damaged Excel Worksheets

You can start by installing and launching Wondershare Repairit on your system and visiting the “File Repair” feature from the side. Now, click on the “Add” button đồ sộ simply locate and load any corrupt Excel documents.


Step 2: Repair the Loaded Excel Files on Repairit

Once the Excel documents are loaded, you can kiểm tra their details and can also add/remove anything from here. To start the process, you can just click on the “Repair” button.


You can now just sit back and wait for a while as the application would start the repairing process. The application will let you know the progress of the repairing process that you can halt or stop in between (if needed).

click đồ sộ start

Step 3: Preview the Repaired Excel File and Export it

That’s it! Once the repairing process has been finished, Repairit will let you know. You can now click on the thumbnail of the Excel tệp tin or its preview button đồ sộ get the preview of the tệp tin on its native interface.


Lastly, you can click on the “Save” button đồ sộ simply export your Excel documents. Here, you can select any preferred location on your system where the Excel tệp tin would be exported by Repairit.


By following these smart solutions, you can easily fix “Excel Cannot Open the Files” issue caused by all kinds of possible reasons.

Part 3: How đồ sộ Avoid these Excel Problems?

As you can see, it can be quite easy đồ sộ fix “Excel Cannot Open the Files” issue in different scenarios. Though, if you want đồ sộ avoid the occurrence of these issues in the future, then consider following these suggestions.

  • Install a Genuine Copy of the MS Office Suite

A lot of times, we get these MS Excel errors while working on a pirated or corrupt copy of the application. Therefore, you should consider getting a genuine version of the MS Office Suite instead.

  • Avoid the Mishandling of Excel Files

Besides that, you should keep your MS Excel files safe and avoid restarting or shutting down your system when the document is still being processed in the background.

You should also avoid connecting your system đồ sộ a public network and scan your external devices beforehand đồ sộ keep your data secure. You can also use a reliable anti-malware tool đồ sộ scan your XLS/XLSX documents regularly.

To further avoid these logical issues, you should avoid converting your Excel documents đồ sộ any other tệp tin format forcefully.

Final Words

There you go! I’m sure that after going through these tips, you can easily fix “Excel Cannot Open the Files” issues. As you can see, I have come up with all kinds of feasible solutions that you can follow đồ sộ fix these logical errors with Excel documents.

Apart from an incompatible tệp tin format or a permission conflict, the issue can also arise due đồ sộ a corrupt Excel tệp tin. In this case, you can simply take the assistance of Wondershare Repairit đồ sộ fix your damaged or corrupt MS Excel files without any data loss.