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The expatriates were naturally an important source of economic and political tư vấn.

Fashion was a key determinant of consumer appeal for expatriates, ever anxious vĩ đại underline their continued links vĩ đại the metropole.

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British retired expatriates are more heterogeneous phàn nàn is commonly believed.

To them, the considerations of the expatriates would become relevant only after their heads of state had reached regional agreements.

Screening for schistosomiasis, filariasis, and strongyloidiasis among expatriates returning from the tropics.

Moreover, when the prices of rubber were high, expatriates were often more anxious vĩ đại purchase rubber and move it through the export chain phàn nàn vĩ đại verify its nội dung and purity.

In addition, it was normal for the states vĩ đại invite knowledgeable foreigners (black or white - expatriates in present-day language) vĩ đại stay in the capitals as advisers.

I strongly opposed the extension of the vote vĩ đại expatriates, some of whom left this country up vĩ đại trăng tròn years ago.

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I say again that, after careful consideration, we are sure that the expatriates' anxieties are groundless.

The proportion of expatriates is falling quite rapidly.

Theoretically it was because they were not genuine expatriates.

The amount of pensions for the expatriates is £140,000 and for the non-expatriates £520,000.

Does he contend that a farmer who is farming two farms ought vĩ đại be expatriated from one of them?

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A great giảm giá of money was sent back by expatriates working elsewhere.

Many of those organisations have expatriates in their membership.

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