ezio auditore

Ezio Auditore
Assassin's Creed character

Ezio in his outfit from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

First appearanceAssassin's Creed: Lineage (2009)
First gameAssassin's Creed II (2009)
Created byUbisoft Montreal
Portrayed byDevon Bostick (in Lineage)
Voiced byRoger Craig Smith
Giovanni Noto (in Chronicles: China)
In-universe information
Fighting styleItalian school of swordsmanship (in Soulcalibur V)
OriginFlorence, Republic of Florence

Ezio Auditore domain authority Firenze ([ˈɛttsjo audiˈtoːre da (f)fiˈrɛntse]) is a character in the Clip game series Assassin's Creed, an Italian Master Assassin who serves as the protagonist of the series' games mix during the Italian Renaissance. His life and career as an Assassin are chronicled in Assassin's Creed II, II: Discovery (both 2009), Brotherhood (2010), and Revelations (2011), as well as the short films Assassin's Creed: Lineage (2009), Ascendance (2010), and Embers (2011) and various spin-off truyền thông of the franchise. In năm nhâm thìn, all three major games featuring Ezio, as well as Lineage and Embers, were re-released as an enhanced bundle titled Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection. Throughout most of his appearances, the character has been voiced by American actor Roger Craig Smith, while Canadian actor Devon Bostick portrayed him in live-action in Lineage.

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Within the series' alternate historical setting, Ezio was born into Italian nobility from Florence in 1459. His family had long been loyal vĩ đại the Assassin Brotherhood, a secret organization inspired by the real-life Order of Assassins dedicated vĩ đại safeguarding peace and freedom, though Ezio did not learn about his Assassin heritage until his late teens, after most of his immediate kin was executed during the Pazzi conspiracy. His quest vĩ đại track down those responsible sets him up against the Templar Order, the Assassins' mortal enemies, led locally by the House of Borgia. Spending decades vĩ đại fight Rodrigo and Cesare Borgia and their henchmen, Ezio is eventually successful in restoring the Assassins vĩ đại prominence in Italy, and becomes their Mentor in 1503. His further adventures lead him vĩ đại Spain and the Ottoman Empire, where he again proves vĩ đại be essential in helping the local Assassins overcome Templar threats. Following his retirement from the Brotherhood, Ezio settles down in Tuscany with his family, eventually dying from a heart attack in Florence in 1524.

The character has received critical acclaim and is often named among the greatest Clip game characters of all time. While most of the praise focuses on his portrayal and growth throughout the series, as well as the unique chronicling of his entire life, he has also been noted as one of the most attractive Clip game characters of all time. Due vĩ đại his reception and the fact that he is the only character who is the protagonist of multiple major installments of the franchise,[a] he is usually considered the face and most popular character of Assassin's Creed. Ezio's popularity has led vĩ đại several crossover appearances outside of the series, notably in Soulcalibur V, Fortnite, and Brawlhalla, where he appears as a guest character.


When creating Ezio's character, the developers were keen on establishing similarities between the series' previous protagonist Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad in style and general appearance, while at the same time differentiating Ezio from the former characterwise.[1] His name, meaning eagle in Italian, was chosen vĩ đại keep up the tradition of Altaïr, whose name meant "flying one" in Arabic.[2] While Altaïr was described as a warrior monk bred for combat and the life of an assassin, Ezio's backstory was consciously designed in sharp contrast vĩ đại make playing him feel lượt thích an "empowering experience".[1] Unlike Altaïr, Ezio is not born into the Assassin Order and discovers his heritage only in his teens, while his main goal for most of the first game is vĩ đại seek revenge on those who murdered his family.[1] Even though this was made vĩ đại be his main motivation for the early part of the game,[3] his personal growth was vĩ đại enable him vĩ đại seek justice as the game progressed.[2] Additionally, Ezio does not start out as a Master Assassin but has vĩ đại hone his craft throughout, which was intended vĩ đại make him more relatable vĩ đại players. He learns new moves and abilities by being taught by friends and allies, unlike a progression tree, vĩ đại make the players' immersion into the character feel more natural.[4] In general, Ezio was designed vĩ đại be a Renaissance man, who was vĩ đại be open-minded and truth-seeking, but also fun-loving.[1] The creative director of Assassin's Creed III, Alex Hutchinson, compared Ezio vĩ đại actor Errol Flynn, as he was designed vĩ đại be an over-the-top womanizer and braggart.[5]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Assassin's Creed II and II: Discovery[edit]

Ezio is an ancestor of Desmond Miles, the protagonist of most of the early series' modern-day sequences, who experiences Ezio's life through the Animus, a device unlocking hidden memories inside his DNA.[6] As shown in the beginning of Assassin's Creed II, Ezio was born into the House of Auditore, a noble family from the Italian thành phố of Florence, in 1459. Tutored by the banker Giovanni Tornabuoni until the age of 17, Ezio led an affluent, care-free lifestyle until his father Giovanni discovered a plot vĩ đại assassinate the leaders of Florence.[7]

During the events of Assassin's Creed II: Discovery, which takes place from 1491 vĩ đại 1492, Ezio travels vĩ đại Spain vĩ đại không tính phí his fellow Assassins, who have been imprisoned under the guise of the Spanish Inquisition. In the process, he discovers that the Templars are planning vĩ đại sail west vĩ đại discover the New World.[8]

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood[edit]

At the start of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Monteriggioni is besieged by the Papal Armies led by Cesare Borgia, Rodrigo's son and co-leader of the Templar Order. During the siege, the Apple of Eden is lost, Monteriggioni is destroyed, and Ezio's uncle Mario is killed Escaping the thành phố with his mother and sister, an injured Ezio sets off for Rome vĩ đại destroy the Borgia once and for all; however, he collapses shortly thereafter.[9]

Assassin's Creed: Revelations[edit]

After the events of Brotherhood, Ezio discovers a letter left behind by his father that talks about a hidden library full of vast knowledge underneath Masyaf Castle, left there by the legendary Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, setting the events of Assassin's Creed: Revelations into motion. Arriving at Masyaf in early 1511, Ezio is ambushed by Templars who occupy the fortress, also searching for Altaïr's library. After escaping capture and assassinating the Templar captain, Ezio recovers the journal of Niccolò Polo, which tells of five seals hidden in Constantinople that will open the door vĩ đại Altaïr's library.[10]

Assassin's Creed: Embers[edit]

In the animated short Assassin's Creed: Embers, the last years of Ezio's life are chronicled. After his retirement from the Assassins, he has settled down in a Tuscan villa near Monteriggioni with Sofia, with whom he has two children: Flavia and Marcello.[11]

Other appearances[edit]

Assassin's Creed series[edit]

Ezio appears as a supporting character in the live-action short film Assassin's Creed: Lineage, which serves as a prequel vĩ đại Assassin's Creed II and focuses on his father, Giovanni Auditore; he is portrayed by Devon Bostick. Ezio is also featured in Assassin's Creed: Ascendance, an animated short film mix during the events of Brotherhood, which sees him meeting with a cloaked Leonardo domain authority Vinci in Rome vĩ đại gather information about Cesare Borgia.

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In the modern-day section of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, a market analysis for Abstergo Entertainment, the fictional Clip games subsidiary of Abstergo Industries, can be found via hacking computers. The market analysis reveals Abstergo was looking into the possibility of using Ezio as the protagonist of a future project, but ultimately decided against it due vĩ đại his violent and womanizing nature and him "corrupting" people into following the Assassins' flawed ideology.[12] Despite this, in Assassin's Creed Unity, Abstergo has produced a fictional Clip game starring Ezio, titled Fear and Loathing in Florence, which can be seen at the start.[13]

In the spin-off game Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China, which follows Shao Jun after the events of Embers, Jun applies Ezio's teachings in her quest vĩ đại restore the Chinese Assassins and considers him her mentor.[14] In 2018, Ezio became a playable character in the không tính phí vĩ đại play role-playing mobile game Assassin's Creed Rebellion. Like II: Discovery, the game is mix during the Spanish Inquisition and features multiple characters from different installments of the series, as they build a Brotherhood vĩ đại overthrow the Spanish Templar Order.[15] Ezio is also featured as one of the three playable characters of the 2023 virtual reality game, Assassin's Creed Nexus VR. His story arc is mix in 1509, in-between the events of Brotherhood and Revelations, and follows Ezio as he travels vĩ đại Venice vĩ đại recover some of his family's artifacts which have been stolen from Monteriggioni.[16]

Ezio's Brotherhood outfit has been featured as an unlockable cosmetic option in most subsequent releases of the series. In 2020, it was added vĩ đại Assassin's Creed Odyssey after being initially exlcluded at release.[17] His Assassin's Creed II outfit has also been featured in several games, including Assassin's Creed Valhalla, added as part of the final nội dung update for the game in December 2022.[18]

Aside from the Clip games, Ezio has also been featured in a number of Assassin's Creed extended truyền thông. In literature, he appears as the protagonist of the novels Assassin's Creed: Renaissance, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and Assassin's Creed: Revelations by Oliver Bowden, which adapt each of the major games featuring him.[19] In 2017, Ezio appeared in the first issue of the Assassin's Creed: Reflections comic book miniseries, which sees him comforting a dying Leonardo domain authority Vinci in 1519 while recounting his encounter with Lisa del Giocondo, the noblewoman who served as the inspiration for Leonardo's Mona Lisa.[20] In 2021, Ezio was included as a playable character in the board game Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice by Triton Noir. The game features an original storyline mix between the events of Brotherhood and Revelations.[21]


Due vĩ đại his popularity, Ezio has made numerous crossover appearances outside of the Assassin's Creed franchise. All three of his prominent outfits from throughout the series have also been featured as unlockable cosmetic options in several games. In 2012, Ezio was included as a guest character in the fighting game Soulcalibur V.[22][23] He also appeared in the năm trước and 2020 không tính phí vĩ đại play role-playing mobile games Soul Hunters and AFK Arena, through a collaboration between developer Lilith Games and Ubisoft.[24] Ezio later appeared as a quấn in another one of Ubisoft's titles, For Honor. In the fighting game, players are encouraged vĩ đại duel with and kill Ezio in a time-limited special sự kiện, active from December 2018 vĩ đại January 2019.[25] In March 2022, Ezio was added as a playable character in Fortnite Battle Royale. He could be unlocked from the in-game store or by purchasing Assassin's Creed Valhalla or its Dawn of Ragnarök DLC on the Epic Games Store before March 2023.[26] In July 2022, Ezio was added as a playable character vĩ đại the fighting game Brawlhalla.[27]

Ezio's robes from Assassin's Creed II are unlockable vĩ đại wear in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands,[28] LittleBigPlanet for the PlayStation 3,[29] and PowerUp Heroes for Kinect on the Xbox 360.[30] His Revelations outfit, under the name the "Dashin' Hashashin", was presented as promotional headgear vĩ đại Team Fortress 2 players who had pre-ordered Revelations,[31] along with a special knife modeled after his hidden blade (called "The Sharp Dresser") for the Spy class in the game. The robes are also featured as an unlockable skin in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and XV, as part of special events.[32][33][34][35][36] In a time-limited special sự kiện in Monster Hunter World, players were able vĩ đại unlock Ezio's Assassin's Creed II robes as a special armor.[37] His Assassin's Creed II outfit was also added vĩ đại Fall Guys in June 2022,[38] while his Brotherhood outfit is included in the mobile battle royale game Free Fire.[39]

Reception and legacy[edit]

A cosplayer recreating Ezio Auditore's appearance in Assassin's Creed II

The character was critically acclaimed by the truyền thông and general public alike, with his depiction and transformation, as well as the chronicling of his entire life drawing significant praise. He is the only character in the series vĩ đại receive several main games. Ezio is widely regarded as the series' best character and the face of the franchise, often finishing first in rankings of the series' characters.[40][41][42][43] With the exception of II: Discovery (a Nintendo DS release), all games and films he appears in were re-released as an enhanced bundle, The Ezio Collection, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in năm nhâm thìn.[44] Like other protagonists in the series, Ezio has been also subject vĩ đại merchandise. Ezio's likeness, along with five other series protagonists, was used for a line of character-themed wine labels as part of a joint collaboration between Ubisoft and winemaker Lot18; the full name of his label is "2015 Ezio Auditore Super Tuscan Red Blend", a reference vĩ đại his birthplace of Florence, Tuscany.[45]

Initial reception for Ezio as a character was positive. GamesRadar characterized him as an "ass-kicking, morally ambiguous superhero" and noted that he had a livelier and more charming personality kêu ca his predecessor Altaïr, with his personal growth being a central aspect of the narrative.[46] Will Tutle of GameSpy also noted Ezio's growth and contrast vĩ đại Altaïr as his strongest features, stating that while he was an unlikeable womanizer at first, he was later hoping he would "get his revenge and uncover the truth".[47] In contrast, GameSpot's Kevin VanOrd called Ezio "terrific" and "instantly likeable", while praising him as a more realized character kêu ca Altaïr.[48] In his review of Revelations, VanOrd lauded the developers for reflecting Ezio's age and weariness throughout the game, as well as highlighting his role as a mentor.[49] Matt Miller of GameInformer stated that by Revelations, Ezio has grown from a boy seeking revenge vĩ đại a man seeking wisdom, as well as a "venerable mentor", which was made a central aspect of his character.[50] John Davison of GamePro named Ezio the epicenter of the game and drew a comparison between him and Nathan Drake. Like Drake, the "charming, witty, and comically self-deprecating" Ezio was "designed vĩ đại draw the player into the narrative."[51]

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Ezio Auditore received an award from GameSpot for the "Best New Character" in 2009.[52] GameZone authors Natalie Romano and Angelina Sandoval listed him third for "Gaming God of 2009", which ranks the most attractive Clip game men of the year.[53] He was also nominated at the Spike Video trò chơi Awards 2010 for "Best Character".[54] The 2011 Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition lists Ezio as the 35th most popular Clip game character.[55] The praise for his portrayal has also placed him high in multiple all-decade or all-time rankings. Ezio was voted as the third top character of the 2000s decade by Game Informer's readers.[56] In 2012, GamesRadar+ ranked him as the eighth "most memorable, influential, and badass" protagonist in games due vĩ đại his entire life being portrayed.[57] They also placed him second on the list of most badass game characters of the generation, saying "Ezio has become synonymous with the image of the Clip game assassin."[58]

The characters' physical attractiveness and clothing style have also been noted. At the 2010 Spike Video trò chơi Awards, he won the award for "Best Dressed Assassin",[54] while Paste named him as one of the "best costumed characters in videogames."[59] GamesRadar named Ezio "Mister 2009" in their article on the sexiest new characters of the decade of 2000.[60] Furthermore, PlayStation Official Magazine ranked Ezio fifth on their list of "finest facial hair gaming has vĩ đại offer".[61]



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