faith of danschant

Über dieses Spiel

A 3 chiều ancient and fantasy RPG console game is created by Beijing Joyfun(Wangyuan shengtang’s branch company). Users will have a fabulous adventure and start their own legend in a fictional world based China’s traditional mythology. The unique development team gathered the top talents from the Giant Trung Quốc by using UE4 and advanced motion capture technology mixed Trung Quốc traditional music and dance vĩ đại create a musical and visual feast!

From a Mythology vĩ đại your Dreamland

Once upon a time, there is a fantastic land named NINE Land. During the reign of Kingdom YAO, a disaster called “JING” eroded the whole land. Kingdom YAO hold the huge sacrificial ceremony and pray vĩ đại the god “why suffering such disaster”. However, it failed, the North & South Stars disappeared, with a rumors of cutting off the Fate Line, the land has got into panic and the balance between countries smashed. But there is a tiny sparking in the dark, far beyond these chaos, a youth just start his journey….

The Visual Feast from Unreal Engine4
Unreal Engine4 as most powerful 3 chiều engine naturally has used in the game. UE4 has the most advanced character bone animation system and physical collision engine, which bring the much more real RPG experience. A visual feast starts with delicate 3 chiều modeling and rendering, latest DX special effect, large scene depth regulation, motion blur, advanced anti-aliasing, particle renderer, dynamic light cover, tessellation and other series of innovative technology.

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We created an original battle mode: beside the typical fighting skill in regular RPG game, the weakness connection system, spirt's pledge system, assistance system and strategy movement will be the very important elements in a battle. when users know these strategy better, get down a strong BOSS could be faster.

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Strategy Movement

In traditional turn base battle, user always be kncoked down by a quấn in a lower hp or unable vĩ đại attack in priority while standing behind. Therefore, the strategy movement can settle this problem down.

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Friends Assistance

We has broken the rules of turn base battle, because the Friends Assistance system make it even better. In one battle, a user could use 3 main roles and choose another role help in battle,even NPCs are available.

Battle Enchanted Combo

This key feature includes four parts: weakness time, double hit, two system skill and spirt's assistance.

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