faithfully là gì

The skeletons of non-photosymbiotic corals appear đồ sộ show no isotopic fractionation, and so sánh faithfully record sea-water temperature changes.

The thus-created xanh lơ dye is neutrally buoyant and faithfully follows the fluid motion.

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Urging physicians đồ sộ serve society better by serving individuals just a bit less faithfully is a distinctly bad idea, and hardly new.

They would then faithfully reflect these everyday meanings.

In pieces using real-time transformations, the electronic part is often metaphorically compared with a shade following its master more or less faithfully.

In order for 3 đồ sộ represent faithfully the nội dung of the relevant belief, it must respect the constraints of referential opacity.

Since every jump passes through the tiny interpreter, it faithfully records the address of the code block containing the fatal jump.

Restricting ourselves đồ sộ injective morphisms is technically convenient because it ensures that all paths are faithfully preserved by morphisms.

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The point of this is that the circuit diagrams fully and faithfully capture the categorical structure.

The chapters tự not always agree with each other's conclusions, but in this way they faithfully trace the quite varied outcomes of the same formula.

We conclude therefore that our best simulation captures the spatial proper ties of arrays of b-cells faithfully.

In lateral undulation, each links of the mobile mechanism faithfully follows the path taken by the leading links.

Moreover, the behaviour observed while the feet tương tác the ground seems đồ sộ represent faithfully the real system.

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He faithfully tilled his fields, modestly built his houses...

On every page there are biblical allusions, which are faithfully identified.

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