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Fallout Shelter – in the game, the player will try himself as the head of the shelter. You need not only đồ sộ build a competent shelter but also đồ sộ equip and manage it. Defend your building against threats. You have đồ sộ watch all the shelter’s inhabitants, which can be 200 people. Please keep track of their needs, desires, and moods.

Playing Fallout Shelter, you will extract resources thanks đồ sộ the work of the inhabitants. Decide who will be responsible for what. Properly distribute their strength, agility, and intelligence. It is the characteristics of the inhabitants of the shelter that will affect the extraction of resources. When there are enough residents, you can send them outside the territory of the top đồ sộ explore it. There they can find things, weapons, and all kinds of prizes. You can increase the population in two ways: biologically or by accepting people who want đồ sộ join you. You can change the names of your residents.

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The game has a daily gift system. You can receive food, energy, armor, or crystals as a gift. Play Fallout Shelter and build the most potent shelter in the wasteland. Let’s fight back against radiation rats and all sorts of dangers threatening from the outside.

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Rewards are miniscule, mole rats are the strongest creatures in the wasteland now for some reason, tasks take days đồ sộ complete for the equivalent of selling 4 pieces of equipment. There's literally no way Bethesda doesn't know all this but they demand you put in a ticket on their incredibly poorly designed diễn đàn WHILE RESPONDING TO THE REVIEW. On top of all of this the game likes đồ sộ stop you from selecting any dweller whose at 25% health forcing you đồ sộ let them die and slowing progress further.. Fun management game and funny details but UI is trash. Zoom is either way too close(only see one part of one room, or way too far away(dwellers the size of 2 pixels). Trying đồ sộ drag dwellers đồ sộ different rooms is painfully slow and terribly inaccurate. Attacks take hours đồ sộ resolve. It's incredibly boring watching while your dwellers shoot at the 48th mole in the 17th room. Because it takes sooooo long, it becomes a not ví casual game. Just one that is boring and longer than vãn it needs đồ sộ be.. I love this game, if you want đồ sộ play a game in the fallout 4 universe but don't want đồ sộ play fallout 4, this game is a good idea. its basically a valt builder/manager simulator. If you want đồ sộ keep your valt alive you need đồ sộ have enough food, water, and energy very fun and addictive would recommend. Iv gotten batter at the game.. now days the only thing that bugs bu, is you can't destroy a room that's touching two other rooms... Love the game, but it takes đồ sộ long đồ sộ get anything done. Instead of giving you less nuka-cola the longer you play, perhaps it should give you more..

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Cant reset progress in Castles nor Blades, one star because we can bởi it here, ill change it đồ sộ 5 once restart becomes an option.. I love it, I wish it was multiplayer tho in some way. maybe being able đồ sộ kiểm tra up on a friend's vault and collect their resources for them or help them defend against raiders/put out fires etc. The game is broken. 1 the people won't attack a roach infection. 2 having 5 failed rush in a row with a low percentage.. This game is casual, but is also challenging and frustrating at times. right now I have no water and my dwellers are absolutely miserable. I need đồ sộ figure out a way đồ sộ make my dwellers happy again..

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It's a great game but when I went đồ sộ buy something it charged bu and I didn't get what I bought my game crashes alot but other then that it's a great game. I lượt thích this game going down đồ sộ the core it's just I wish there was a remodel button ví I can move my rooms around without having đồ sộ delete them and spending caps đồ sộ bởi ví. this becomes ví tire some but other then that I love this game dearly.. I found that I gave this game 1 star a couple of years ago because I had an issue with my phone and not with the game itself. I deleted that review because it was unfair. The game is actually pretty good.. This game doesn't work. I can't create a new vault. Too bad as I was excited đồ sộ try this out..

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I absolutely love the concept, artwork, the retro vibe đồ sộ this game, but it doesn't let you get your vault too big. I have had my vault up đồ sộ 180 dwellers or more many times, each time here come the deathclaws. You don't even get a chance đồ sộ fight them your dwellers just fall down dead with out even firing a shot. These are 40+ level dwellers, and the game freezes up and you can't bởi anything lượt thích give your people stimpaks. It is ví frustrating, I just want đồ sộ throw it across the room.. I can't fit the nice ví you get the bad... Stats make no sense unless you go on reddit đồ sộ figure them out. Especially health. In the vault, you're forced đồ sộ wait for aliens/raiders đồ sộ waddle around and die after they've been "killed" but technically the attack is still going on until they've fallen in the floor. Major waste of time. Same goes for quests. Rooms should instantly be cleared but you still have đồ sộ wait a few seconds đồ sộ move on. Elevators in quests take too long as well. Speed it up!. The game makes you giảm giá with enemy attacks almost every ten minutes and never enough resources đồ sộ fix everyone up after the attacks.. It's an interesting game and I have found memories with this game from when I was younger But, it's a game of timers. This can be minigated is you know how đồ sộ manually change your device time though. It does have ads, but you could play without them, there's no forced ads..

Amazing, I love this game, and I have played it for a while, but it can be slightly boring at times, but otherwise, it's amazing.. Great game, waited a while đồ sộ try it. The ads for rewards and guaranteed rushes bởi not work though. (Besides the UI really, I keep picking up dwellers on accident left and right while trying đồ sộ pan or zoom around my vault. Extemely annoying. User Michael Ruru left a review on 12/3/2020 that explains this more clearly.) Ya wait 3 years đồ sộ respond đồ sộ my review? I play on Switch now and the "sticky" grab and tap functions are still unstable. (conveniently more during attacks/urgent events). Edit: it took 3 entire years đồ sộ get a response. Not only that, the response was unhelpful. I purchased the starter pack and my x4 return tốc độ pet disappeared from my vault after a week.. Trying đồ sộ find a good không lấy phí đồ sộ play mobile game is lượt thích trying đồ sộ find an honest politician, they simply don't exist.

I love the seasonal changes and no ads. Only if wanted extra items. Would love if the next update upgraded the residence vault dwellers. This game is really addictivs, and you can invest many hours into it, and it doesn't become boring, or the same. I recommend it đồ sộ everyone, who likes đồ sộ play strategy games, with a bit of challange.. Control doesn't work well, before you can aid someone they already dead, and I accidentally drag a person regularly. when I click a room it doesn't response đồ sộ my intention then I click it again and it zooms in instead it made bu feel bad about the game. I can't play the game as much time as I wanted đồ sộ spend because I need đồ sộ wait. The time is acceptable but the control is not.. While I enjoy the game on PC, the UI for phone makes the game unplayable. It is difficult đồ sộ move the camera without moving a dweller. I miss out on half the mysterious strangers because it thinks I want đồ sộ select a dweller. An option đồ sộ add a camera control "thumbstick" would help. Wow, I just had several dwellers die because the UI kept unselecting them during an attack. The UI makes it impossible đồ sộ giảm giá with a radscorpion attack. I will just play the PC version instead. Uninstall..

I really lượt thích this game. As a matter of fact I REALLY lượt thích this game but in the years that I've had it I never had a reason đồ sộ be upset with it. That said I bởi have a problem I hope will be worked on... Y'all fixed the problem, I just didn't get around đồ sộ saying anything about it until now. Thanks much & keep up the good work . Great game loads of fun if I could make changes the only things I would change is 1: when two dwellers with pets become parents we should get new pets as well and 2: we need ferral gouls and mutants instead of just raiders and death claws but other than vãn that I think the game is perfect.. I have always enjoyed this game. I lượt thích the seasonal quests along with the regular quest. A well rounded game.. 2x I've lost my data in 1 week. I don't know if it's from the game needing an update. Both times, it was prior đồ sộ updating. It's very upsetting. If it happens again, I'll just delete the game. I was ví far ahead the first time. It took bu forever đồ sộ catch back up. I wasn't fully where I was the first time. Lost my pets and all the cool Halloween outfits. Just đồ sộ over up back where I started a second time. Absolutely ridiculous and disappointing..

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I can't get ứng dụng đồ sộ load on new Android tablet. I've tried everything from uninstalling, clearing cache, đồ sộ checking for updating both tablet & ứng dụng. Any suggestions?. Idk what happen đồ sộ my dweller seems lượt thích all of them turn invisible idk what glitch is this or part of the "halloween" because seems lượt thích reinstall or make a new bunker doesnt help... Except mr handy robot or something he still visible idk why the dweller isnt. Good game. Would be way better if you could instruct dwellers entering the wasteland đồ sộ disregard normal quality items. Had one return recently after about 3 days because his inventory was full, but he still had 9 stimpacks left. Want đồ sộ watch videos for prizes but it says I have no mạng internet yet I bởi...wish there were easier ways đồ sộ get food,water, and electricity.....

Hello, I rated this game 1 star. Here is why: deathclaw attacks come each 5 minutes, and they killed all of my dwellers, and I tried đồ sộ get weapons from the wasteland with high luck dwellers they didn't get good weapons absolute time waster.. This is a fun game đồ sộ kinda đồ sộ take up time while on a bus, using the bathroom, or really anything that you might just wanna distract yourself for a bit. The microtransactions aren't in your face and you can always just wait out timers if you don't wanna spend the money, but I've bought a few things just because I felt lượt thích supporting the devs. All in all, good game for idle time.. I love this game it gets easier in time but gradually it gets hard you have đồ sộ bởi everything for them every second and that gets tiring ví I hope this game makes a tự động mode that would be nice. . It's honestly one of the most fun games I've played ví far the gameplay is stable as well as everything thing else great game I recommend it.

This gets a 1 star rating from bu...it would be a 5 star becusse the game is decent...but I uninstalled the game and come back a few months later and all my progress is gone ...0 save files nothing...garbage. It's an overall great game, no adds unless you choose đồ sộ tốc độ things up. I personally lượt thích the game a lot and would totally recommend it đồ sộ fallout gamers ..

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