Backup files can be a savior when the original database gets affected badly due to lớn corruption or other issues. For Microsoft SQL Server as well, administrators can backup Squốc lộ Server database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to the desired drive sầu location. Sometimes Squốc lộ administrators or users get Squốc lộ BAK files from external sources, & they need to lớn view its content. We have sầu suggested some feasible ways lớn open và view MS Squốc lộ BAK files lớn fulfill this requirement of the Microsoft Squốc lộ Server users. Let us have a detailed discussion on it.

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How to mở cửa và View MS SQL BAK files Manually?

There are three manual ways to lớn open and view MS SQL BAK files.

Let us know the steps in each of the manual processes provided above.

Opening MS SQL backup file in ExcelFirst, move sầu to the local drive sầu saving location of the MS SQL backup tệp tin. Copy this tệp tin from that location and move it lớn an external device securely.Now, open your Windows File Explorer. Go khổng lồ View>Options. On the Folder Options page, unselect the checkbox saying Hide Extensions for Known File Types under the Advanced Settings section và clichồng on OK.Move sầu to the copied MS Squốc lộ BAK tệp tin on the external device, right-cliông xã on it, & select the Rename option.Change the BAK tệp tin extension from .bak khổng lồ .xls/.xlsx.Now, open the same converted tệp tin by double-clicking it and selecting the Excel tệp tin format khổng lồ view its content.Restoring và viewing MS Squốc lộ BAK file using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (MSSMO)

As a pre-requirement, assign the CREATE DATABASE permission on SQL Server 2008 & above versions.

Connect khổng lồ the instance of the MS SQL Server database engine, click on the server name in the Object Explorer to lớn exp& it.Exp& the Database section và right-clichồng on your database name, and navigate lớn Tasks>Back up.On the Back up Database dialogue box, hold on to lớn the General tab và click on the Disk option.Search out the BAK tệp tin in the Baông xã up to các mục. Add the location of the tệp tin in the Baông chồng up khổng lồ list box và clichồng on the Contents optionThe Device Contents dialog box will get opened with the media set and backup phối information on the disk tệp tin.Restoring và viewing MS Squốc lộ BAK tệp tin using Transact-Squốc lộ scriptConnect to lớn the instance of the MS SQL Server database engine.Clichồng on the New Query option on the standard bar.Next, run this Transact-Squốc lộ script to view the nội dung of the backup file.
Challenges with the Manual WaysChances of corruption in BAK tệp tin while modifying the file extension lớn .xls/.xlsx or incomplete content view in the Excel filePermission requirement in using MSSMO và the need for correct server configurationGood technical knowledge is required to lớn run the Transact-Squốc lộ scripts. Also, a hệ thống connection is required.

The challenges with the above manual ways to lớn open và view MS Squốc lộ BAK tệp tin gọi for some reliable & effective sầu solutions like third-tiệc nhỏ software for viewing Squốc lộ BAK files easily.

We propose the most efficient và secured Kernel BAK Viewer tool that allows a complete previews of both healthy và corrupt MS Squốc lộ BAK files without any MS SQL Server connection requirement. The tool integrates a simple user-interface, minimum steps, support to all Squốc lộ Server versions, và the previews of selective sầu database objects.

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xuất hiện and View MS Squốc lộ BAK Files with Kernel BAK Viewer (Without Squốc lộ Server)

This process only requires the MS Squốc lộ BAK file (stored on the system drive) & the Kernel BAK Viewer tool installed on the system. To tải về and install the không lấy phí Kernel BAK Viewer tool, go khổng lồ

Now that the Viewer tool is installed on your system follow these instructions khổng lồ open và view MS SQL BAK files (whether healthy or corrupted).

Launch the Kernel BAK Viewer tool installed on your system. On the Welcome Screen, cliông chồng on the 3 dots or browse option to lớn add the MS Squốc lộ BAK file from the system.



Select the desired MS Squốc lộ BAK tệp tin (healthy or corrupted) from its location & clichồng on Open lớn add it.


Once the tệp tin is added, you can select the scanning mode for recovery and select the option for the Squốc lộ Server database version. By default, Auto detect database version option is selected.


You can manually select the database version after unselecting the Aukhổng lồ detect database version option. Cliông xã Next khổng lồ proceed.


After the quiông xã scanning of the MS SQL BAK file, all its objects will get retrieved.


Select and expand any desired Squốc lộ database object to view its preview on the right panel clearly.


Hence, the simple process of opening and viewing the MS Squốc lộ BAK tệp tin is completed.

If you need to lớn save or restore the data from the MS SQL BAK tệp tin, then you can purchase the Kernel SQL Backup Recovery Tool

It helps you restore specific data from the BAK file to lớn the live sầu SQL Server or Batch File directly. You just need the MS SQL BAK tệp tin & destination server credentials to lớn perkhung this recovery.

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