First Place Family Center1995 Amazon PkwyEuren, OR 97405Ph: 541-342-7728xuất hiện 8-5 every day.

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Having come lớn their own turning point, Michael and Reana Paulo sought treatment và family unity, & found both in Euren. First Place Family Center programs helped to lớn sustain the family while homeless, and get them inlớn stable housing.

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First Place Family Center is open under normal operating hours: 8-5PM, 7 days a week with strict social distancing guidelines:Housed families will be able to lớn pick up mail, hygiene products, diapers, & other critical itemsLiterally homeless families (in shelter, cars, or on streets), are able lớn use showers, laundry, preschool (starting 6/24, with enrollment restrictions), và meals. Children will need to lớn be present for families to lớn use the center. Only 4-5 families will be allowed a time, depending on the services being used.FPFC Night Shelter program has openings for families needing emergency shelter. To enroll, families must visit FPFC first.For more information, tương tác us: (541) 342-7728


First Place Family Center is a refuge và place of support for children and their families who are low income, at risk of losing their housing or are already in transition between homes due to lớn job loss, health issues & other critical problems.

We have sầu been a safe place for people in crisis for over đôi mươi years. Services help families meet their immediate needs as well as promoting self-sufficiency. We provide a place where people are always welcome lớn chia sẻ their victories, ask advice, or just reconnect with staff. For many families we are the stable home base they’ve sầu never had.

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Staff và volunteers help the families identify barriers khổng lồ achieving self-sufficiency and resources needed to lớn overcome those barriers. Each family develops an individually tailored action plan in order lớn move towards stability. Components may include job search, GED Classes, locating affordable housing, drug và alcohol treatment, parenting classes, budgeting and money management. Each family receives ongoing support and advocacy as they access housing, secure và maintain employment, and take the steps necessary to address issues that may have sầu contributed to their homelessness.

First Place facilitates the First Place Annex Night Shelter, where faith communities offer a meal và overnight accommodations lớn families throughout the school year; and the Overnight Parking Program, where families with children can legally camp in a vehicle.

First Place Kids Early Childhood Programaddresses the chất lượng needs of children who are experiencing homelessness in their early years.

You can help by donating cash, or by providing items most needed by First Place guests of all ages.View the First Place Wish ListDownload the First Place Wish List
We thank the following for their ongoing support for First Place Family Center:

Lane County & the Human Services CommissionCity of Euren City of Springfield


St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County affirms và actively promotes the right of all individuals to equal opportunity in housing & employment without regard to any protected basis, including race, color, sex, national origin, age, religion, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity & gender expression.

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