We may all look at consoles và PC platforms for video game titles to enjoy, but we all have a few games we enjoy to kill time with on our smartphones. If you’re in the market for some new games to enjoy on the mobile platforms, here are a few shooters you might be interested in trying out. Please note that these games are not ranked in any order but we’ll continue to lớn add more titles into lớn the list throughout the year.

#10 Dead Effect 2


Dead Effect 2 is a bit of a lighthearted version of Dead Space. In this game, players are trapped in a space station that is overrun by undead zombies. With the goal of getting out of the station, players will have to lớn blast away at the various enemies that pop up. Visually, the game offers a bit of a cel-shaded look and you’re looking at about đôi mươi hours of gameplay for the campaign. For those of you who like to go for collectibles, you’ll find that there are over a hundred different gear pieces to upgrade for your character along with over 40 weapon upgrades. To top it off, there is controller tư vấn so if you’re not a tín đồ of on-screen controls then you can easily connect a controller lớn the game.

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#9 Afterpulse


If you’re after competitive sầu shooters then Afterpulse may be worth checking inlớn. This game offers some pretty great màn chơi of details that would make it appealing for điện thoại thông minh players and the developers are working hard to provide content that fans would enjoy so if you don’t see something that you feel would make for a good fit, reaching out lớn the developers will allow the feedbachồng khổng lồ be heard and adapted into the game in a future update. Still, as is the game is a pretty great alternative to lớn the likes of Gọi of Duty sản phẩm điện thoại. There are various game modes, maps, great optimization for less powerful điện thoại thông minh devices, daily rewards, và even some skin purchases if you decide lớn spover some currency.

#8 điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: Mobile


The điện thoại tư vấn of Duty franchise has dominated consoles và PC platforms for years và it’s allowed gamers lớn go through a cinematic action movie experience. However, most gamers quickly piông xã up the lademo installments not so much for the narrative chiến dịch experience, but for the online multiplayer game modes. Luckily the franchise was ported for a mobile video clip game experience. Hotline of Duty: Smartphone is a first-person shooter develop lớn take a wide range of game modes, characters, và maps that proved lớn be popular in the standard video game releases.

While the game originally had a zombies game mode as well, it was eventually removed due to it not meeting the standards that Activision had envisioned. With that said, there is a potential that the game mode could reappear in the di động version once again. Furthermore, it’s worth pointing out that the game is free but you can still make in-game purchases along with the Mobile version also featuring a battle pass.

#7 Cover Fire


Don’t have a stable mạng internet connection or worried you’ll exceed your bandwidth limit? No problem because Cover Fire doesn’t need an internet connection. Once you download the game, you’re done with the internet usage. This is an offline shooter game with a single-player campaign. Players will be taking khổng lồ different game missions where you’ll have sầu to use an array of weapons such as snipers to lớn assault rifles against the enemy forces. There’s a thrilling campaign story to lớn go through & if you happen to get inkhổng lồ a spot where wifi is accessible then there are some online multiplayer game modes to compete in.

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#6 Dead Trigger 2


While we made mention of Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: di động và how it had a zombies mode, it’s no longer available in the game, you vì chưng have a few alternatives to lớn enjoy right now including Dead Trigger 2. This game came out baông chồng in 2013 và is still a popular ứng dụng being enjoyed today. It’s a first-person survival horror FPS that follows a storyline. It’s not a mindless wave-based shooter as you’re going khổng lồ go through different scenargame ios and storyline missions all while earning in-game resources lớn either get better weapons or upgrades. Dead Trigger 2 is also developed by Madfinger Games & they are clearly a name to lớn be reckoned with on the di động platform. We’ve seen plenty of FPS games release from this developer so you can expect a nice overall experience.

#5 Gods of Boom


Originally known as Guns of Boom, we have Gods of Boom a PvP. focused shooter. This game is all about action and just like other popular shooters, you can expect season drops similar to the likes of Fortnite. With less focus of a story & more of a drop in and start gunning away at the competition, the new seasons bring out different themed costumes and weaponry. For instance, the latest season at the time of writing this mô tả tìm kiếm is season 11 và it’s alien-themed with different otherworldly weapons being added inlớn the game along with space suit style costumes.

#4 PUBG Mobile


Come on now, you all know about Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, otherwise known as PUBG. It’s been a popular battle royale for a good while now and even though other platforms have been taken up by several different battle royale games, you can still find active sầu players on Smartphone. It’s essentially the same experience brought over và worked on Mobile devices.

#3 Fortnite


Okay, I know that I said you all know about PUBG but even non-gamers know about Fortnite. It’s a worldwide hit that’s still actively bringing in new players. This battle royale title will be around for a good long while & if you want to take the Fortnite experience on-the-go then you can vì so with the điện thoại thông minh ứng dụng. Again, it’s exactly like the standard Fortnite experience but just in a di động format. If you’ve sầu been living under a roông xã, this is a battle royale game mode where players drop down inlớn a large map, collect resources and attempt to lớn be the last man standing. It’s an addictive sầu gameplay experience and one that has plenty of content being added in on regular basis.

#2 NOVA Legacy


Do you remember NOVA? It was an FPS video clip game series from Gameloft quite a few years ago và it was the go-lớn FPS Halo-like game on smartphones. It’s been several years since that series ended but the development studio decided to give sầu the game series a nice little remaster. That’s right remastered editions are actually hitting smartphone games. This NOVA Legacy title is the first three NOVA games but revamped with new graphics, audio, & even some game mechanic tweaks. It’s the classic NOVA games that we all pretty much played years ago but in one collection. To top it off, there’s still multiplayer game modes you can dive sầu into.

#1 Shadowgun War Games


Madfinger Games was mentioned in this list before with Dead Trigger 2 và again for good reason. The development studio knows how to lớn make a solid đoạn Clip game experience for di động platforms. We might not have some hero shooters that are popular on other platforms available on điện thoại devices, but if you wanted to experience something lượt thích Overwatch through a smartphone then you can’t go wrong with Shadowgun War Games. It’s a 5v5 tactical shooter with a nhân vật roster with quality abilities. On top of that, you have a variety of maps and game modes to lớn rotate through during PvPhường game matches. Also being a relatively new game, you can expect an active community of players available.

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