Fv Reference Number Là Gì

The use of these optional services does not entitle you khổng lồ obtain a visa, nor khổng lồ book a closer appointment or to lớn fasten the processing of your file by the Embassy or the Consulate of onfire-bg.comance.

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Premium Lounge LBP 175,000.00

Upgrade to experience the ultimate in convenience, comfort, và tư vấn for your application in a dedicated space with fewer queues.

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Prime Time Appointment LBP. 75,000.00

Too busy lớn come khổng lồ our centre during standard opening hours?

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Express Courier Return onfire-bg.comom LBPhường. 15,000.00 Learn more

Submission Without Passport This service is currently unavailableKeep your passport during the decision making process.

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LBP 38,000.00 / document

Travel Insurance To facilitate a comfortable & safe experience for the duration of your stay abroad, onfire-bg.com is offering applicants the ability to lớn purchase travel health insurance, compliant with Schengene requirement. One broker agent will offer you a variety of packages that can be customized khổng lồ your travel needs. The Insurance packages have sầu variable prices, depending on your needs, & are independent of the onfire-bg.com Service fee. To purchase this service, consult our staff at any time during the application process in the Visa Application Centre

Complete Your Application By Post This service is for those who are applying for a visa for onfire-bg.comance and onfire-bg.comom whom it is requested to submit documents sent by courier onfire-bg.comom onfire-bg.comance. Applicants must log on lớn the onfire-bg.com Website & fill the online application khung in order to lớn receive a reference number that should appear clearly on the envelope containing the aforementioned documents making it possible to put them in order according to lớn the reference number. In case this approach wasn’t followed, documents will not be accepted & will be returned to lớn onfire-bg.comance. For more information, please Liên hệ Us.

Passport Photos You don’t need to lớn take unnecessary health risks by visiting a shopping mall or public place to lớn have sầu passport photographs taken before attending your visa appointment. Our visa centres are equipped with self-service booths so that you can take the photos you need at the same time as submitting your paperwork. You can be sure of getting Schengene compliant photographs & submit your application in one trip!

Photocopy Photocopies missing onfire-bg.comom your application? You can make them at our centre.

On demand

LBP.. 8,000.00

LBP.. 25,000.00

LBP 2,900.00 / 3 pages

* Service payments are charged in the equal amount in LBPhường mix by the Embassy of onfire-bg.comance. Prices are charged per application unless it"s specifically clarified.

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